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Energy & Sustainability

UD Energy Management

The energy management team oversees UD's multi-million dollar energy and utility program. More than 75% of UD's greenhouse gas emissions footprint is a result of the university's energy consumption. Over the past 10 years, the energy management team has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 20%. The energy team also works with faculty, staff, and students educating the community on energy issues and providing hands-on learning opportunities for UD students. 


Energy Management

The energy management team in Facilities is responsible for reducing the University's energy budget using strategies that are both technical and creative, without negatively impacting the comfort and convenience of the campus community.


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Demand Response

The Demand Response program is a way you can help the University save money during the hot summer months. The University's energy supplier provides a financial incentive to reduce power usage during peak demand times on hot days. In addition to a financial incentive to UD, the Demand Response program supports the effective functioning of the electric grid during heavy load times, reducing the likelihood of regional brown-outs and black-outs. UD's energy managers work with many buildings on campus during peak demand to reduce our load during these times. 

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