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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call for window cleaning?

Contracted Services, (937) 229-3769.

Who do I call to have furniture moved?

Place a Work Request.

Who do I call for animal or pest control?

Contracted Services, (937) 229-3753

Who do I call when I am locked out of my office or lab?

Public Safety, (937) 229-2121.

Who do I call if I smell smoke or gas, or suspect a fire?

Public Safety, (937) 229-2121.

Who do I call for authorization to use campus lawns or fields for special events?

See Special Events.

Who do I call for snow removal from campus streets and sidewalks?

Facilities Management, (937) 229-3753.

Who do I call for snow and ice removal from parking lots?

Facilities Management, (937) 229-3753.

Who do I call for snow and ice removal from steps?

Facilities Management, (937) 229-3753.

Who do I call for elevator servicing?

See Elevator Maintenance & Repair.


How often should my office be swept?

Traffic areas are swept daily. The entire room is swept weekly. See Custodial Services.

What areas of my office are to be dusted?

Any flat surfaces, except desks, are automatically dusted. Desks are not usually dusted, unless special arrangements have been made with the custodial worker.

How often are Venetian blinds dusted?

Venetian blinds are dusted monthly. A thorough cleaning is provided at a nominal charge. Please contact Nate Mason at (937) 229-3536 for a price quote.

How do I obtain custodial services not covered under the contract?

Contact Wes Napier, at (937) 229-3769.

Door Access and Lockshop Services

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday, 8am – 11:30am, 12:30am – 4:30pm

Card Access Not Working After Hours/Weekends
Contact Public Safety, (937) 229-2121 

Card Access Not Working During Business Hours
Contact Door Access Control, (937) 229-2051


What is a sidecar?

A sidecar is a small black container that attaches to your existing waste container. Recyclable paper products are put into the large container and trash in your sidecar.

Is the Recycling Program working?

Yes it is, although we understand the need to constantly monitor areas and periodically review progress. Please contact Steve Kendig, Executive Director Energy Utilization and Environmental Sustainability at (937) 229-3769 to discuss recycling in your building. Contact Residential Properties to report custodial issues relating to recycling.

Signs & Furniture

Who is responsible for specifying signs and furniture?

Construction Management (CM) is responsible for specifying and ordering all furniture and signs, both interior and exterior. This responsibility has been delegated by the office of Purchasing and Procedures as written by the Office of Purchasing.

CM staff are considered purchasing agents as it relates to these guidelines. Maintaining standards improves our customer service that we receive from the manufacturers and allows the University to provide equipment with quality and value as a standard.

Why is furniture purchased through Facilities? Why can't I go buy it at any store?

Through various price agreements, the University obtains exceptional discounts on quality office furnishings and Construction Management (CM) attempts first to purchase items from these agreements. If a particular item is not available through one of these agreements, then another vendor will be researched and awarded.

Can I order furniture up to June 15th and have it paid for out of the year's budget?

Only furniture and equipment that is delivered, installed, inventoried by Property Records prior to June 30th can be included in the FY budget ending on June 30th. Departments need to plan for furnishing requirements in advance of the need to allow for contact lead times of 8-12 weeks .

Can I request to purchase wood furniture?

Long term departmental requirements are to be considered first over individual needs. Standards are to be guided by functionality, durability, cost and individual requirements while being mindful of individual roles. Wood furniture is reserved for special needs and environments.

Can I just hang up my own sign?

No. Signs shall comply with the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards, Americans with Disabilities Act, University standards and the Campus Master Plan, thus all signs are to be ordered, purchased and installed by Construction Management (CM) to assure this compliance.

Can I have my own donor plaque made?

Signs shall comply with the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards, Americans with Disabilities Act, University standards and the Campus Master Plan. All donor recognitions are to be requested through Construction Management (CM) and are then coordinated by CM and the Office for Advancement.


Why can't I paint my own office?

Construction Management (CM) is required to contract painting work through licensed reputable contractors that produce quality work in a timely manner so as to cause the least disruption to University business. These contractors have all the required insurances to work on campus and comply with OSHA regulations.

Why does it take so long to just put up a wall?

Construction Management (CM) is responsible for managing construction activities on campus. We insure compliance with relevant building codes & competitively bid all work. Any physical changes require a building permit from the city of Dayton. CM applies for these permits by submitting detailed construction drawings. The permit review has a four week minimum time frame.

How do we accomplish design/engineering services for construction projects?

Construction Management (CM) is responsible for managing the design activities for all projects. The selection of consultants and providing leadership to all stages of design and planning throughout building commissioning are our primary responsibilities. The Resources to accomplish design are directed by CM utilizing in-house personnel. When secondary support is required, outside Architectural, Engineering and Planning firms are contracted utilizing established partners at the first level. When third tier support is required from other specialists, CM begins an RFP process to solicit proposals and selects these consultants in conjunction with the building committee and contracts with the most experience relative and capable firm.


Facilities Management

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