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UD School of Engineering Virtual Visit

Discover Engineering Resources

Unsure of your path in Engineering?
You're in good company.

About 20 percent of our first-year students choose Discover Engineering to learn more about career paths, curriculum, majors, minors and ways to gain practical experience.

As a member of the Discover Engineering program at the University of Dayton, you will explore the academic programs in the School of Engineering before finalizing your major. With the help of a semester-long seminar and the assistance of your Student Success adviser, you'll discover the area of engineering that's right for you while staying on track academically. The seminar covers the curriculum and careers of each engineering program (chemical, civil, computer, electrical and mechanical), as well as the multitude of complementary minors, concentrations and programs.

Get acquainted with the University of Dayton and the School of Engineering through Discover Engineering. 

The Mission of the School of Engineering is to educate complete professionals who have an integrated knowledge of the theory and practice of engineering together with an equally strong understanding of the arts and sciences that will prepare them for fulfilling careers of leadership, service, and life-long learning for the good of society.

School of Engineering Resources
"Why UD Engineering?"
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"Engineering That Matters"
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"Experiential Learning"
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University of Dayton Undergraduate Research "Go Baby Go"

"Student Success"
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"Thank You for Your Visit" with Upcoming Events
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Career Services "Flyer First Destination Survey"
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Other Program Resources
Cooperative Education: "Explore Your Future"
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Cooperative Education Employers
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University of Dayton Cooperative Education "Top Ten Questions" 

University of Dayton Career Services "Outcomes in the School of Engineering at the University of Dayton"

The ETHOS Center: Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service Learning "Making a Difference"

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University of Dayton Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service Learning (ETHOS) "An Internship Unlike Any Other"

Minority Engineering Program "Succeeding Together"
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Women Engineering Program
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Women in Science and Engineering Integrated Learning-Living Community (WISE ILLC) Newsletter
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School of Engineering

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Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0254