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Bachelor's Plus Master's

We know there are a lot of details involved. We want to ensure this program runs efficiently, so that you may graduate at an accelerated rate.

Our Main Objective?

We’re focused on engineering that matters — on providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to change the world, and the courage to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will be allowed to register for up to two 500-level courses using the undergraduate level that will be applied to both your undergraduate and graduate programs (double-counted). With the approval of your academic adviser and once you've completed 60 credits at the undergraduate level, you may register for your courses.
  • These courses will remain on your undergraduate transcript but will be double-counted towards your graduate degree. You may not "move" these courses from your undergraduate transcript to your graduate transcript. Your graduate transcript will note: "X semester hours of graduate program requirements were satisfied as an undergraduate student."

  • If NOT receiving Employee Tuition Remission: Yes, you may, but only two will "double-count."
  • It is imperative that you work with your undergraduate and graduate advisers to ensure that you're registering for the courses at the correct level. When registering for classes, there is a selection for "Level." If the course is part of your M.S. program and will NOT count towards your undergraduate program, then you will register at the  "GR" level. This has nothing to do with your current level. You could be an undergraduate student taking courses for a future M.S., in which case, you will register at the GR level. The code indicates which degree that course will count for, not what your current level is.
  • If registering for more than two 500-level courses as an undergraduate student, you will need to reach out to Financial Aid to ensure your billing is correct. 

You will not be able to register for graduate courses online. Instead, follow these steps.

  • Send an email to your undergraduate adviser and graduate adviser for their review/approval of the "Add" request
  • Subject: BPM student registration request for 500-level course at UG (or GR) level
  • Include the student ID, term, course number and CRN
  • Once approval is received, your adviser should forward your request to who will complete the registration process with your adviser approvals.

  • No. Tuition Remission can be used only for the courses used to complete your undergraduate degree.

  • The BPM tuition is deeply discounted from the regular graduation tuition costs. It is often 1/2 the cost of your undergraduate tuition.
  • The BPM discounted M.S. tuition will expire after four consecutive semesters. Waivers may be requested for internships and co-ops.
  • There is no limit to the number of graduate courses that you can take with the discounted tuition within four consecutive semesters.
  • If registering for more than (2) 500-level courses as an undergraduate student, you will need to reach out to Financial Aid to ensure your billing is correct.

  • Some students who are highly motivated are able to complete both degrees in five years with proper planning.
  • You have up to seven years to complete your M.S. program as part of the BPM program if you need to take time for your job or family. However, the discounted tuition is available only for four consecutive semesters. 


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