Exploring Ways to Improve Aerodynamic Efficiency

The Low Speed Wind Tunnel at the University of Dayton facilitated by Dr. Aaron Altman is a research and teaching hub for the undergraduate and the graduate students of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department.  The main purpose of the wind tunnel lab is to explore ways to improve aerodynamic efficiency. This exploration is achieved through a mélange of aerodynamic techniques including:

  • Force-based experiments
  • Pressure wake surveys
  • Optical flow diagnostic techniques
  • Hot-wire anemometry
  • Flow visualization.

The test section of the UD-LSWT can be converted from an open-jet configuration to a closed-jet configuration. The wind tunnel also houses a state of the art shuttering system which can modulate the frequency of the freestream up to 5Hz with programmable profiles (sinusoidal, sawtooth, hover to forward flight transition, etc). Apart from research projects performed by graduate students, the wind tunnel has supported innumerable class and senior capstone design projects.

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Low Speed Wind Tunnel, Dr. Aaron Altman, Director

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