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Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

S.U.R.E. Projects for 2018


UD School of Engineering Summer Undergraduate Research Experience 2018
Faculty Mentor Undergraduate Students Research
Aaron Altman, mechanical and aerospace engineering Michael Mongin

Feasibility Study on Potentially Revolutionary Highly Distributed Lift Configuration

Kimberly Bigelow, biomechanical

Julie A. Buynacek

Assessing Human Performance through Biomechanical Tools

Don Comfort, chemical and materials engineering

Nathan Brickler

Cloning and Expression of Recombinant Foot Mussel Proteins

Kristen Comfort, chemical and materials engineering Rachel Galaska

Generation of Enhanced Cell Systems for Nanomaterial and Biomedical Therapeutic Evaluation

Amy Doll, electrical and computer engineering Nilan Mani


Sandy Furterer, engineering management, systems and technology Akshar Kathula

Improving Healthcare Process Management through Systems Engineering Modeling

Sidaard Gunasekaran, mechanical and aerospace engineering Grant Ross

Affecting Drag of a Wing through Periodic Actuation of Smart Material in its Wake

Allison Kinney, mechanical and aerospace engineering Ashley Kush

Comparison of Rearfoot and Non-Rearfoot Walking and Running

Don Klosterman, chemical and materials engineering Francois Ntakobatagize and Oscar Ntakontagize

Fabrication and Testing of Fabric-Reinforced Composite Materials

Drew Murray, mechanical and aerospace engineering Jessica Gilliam

Center of Mass Estimation and Tracking for Humans

Kevin Myers, chemical and materials engineering Dillon Moher

Solids Suspension via Mechanical Agitation with Reduced Baffling


David Myszkya, mechanical and aerospace engineering Erik Furterer

Design of Morphing Wings for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Margaret Pinnell, associate dean and professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering Malle Schilling


Tim & Megan Reissman, mechanical engineering Sean Jacobs and Sydney Lundell

Advancing Assistive Technology through Biomechatronics and Biomechanics


Kellie Schneider, engineering management, systems and technology Madeline Mock

Using Operations Research to Fight Hunger in Dayton


Denise Taylor, civil and environmental engineering and engineering mechanics Sarah Maggie Anderson

CSO Water Treatment with Peracetic Acid


Erick Vasquez & Yvonne Sun Paul Maricocchi and Victoria Stallkamp

Listeria Metabolite Analysis


Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (S.U.R.E.)

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0254