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Nano-Fab Lab

Live Video System

We built a remote video system to link any laboratory on campus to the classroom. The system, on a cleanroom compatible mobile cart, is portable from one laboratory to another with the intent to leverage existing research laboratories, which may be located in different buildings. The laboratory codec communicates with the classroom codec through the Internet or campus intranet. The cart also has a large LCD monitor to allow the operator in the laboratory to see and interact with the classroom. Two high-definition cameras can be moved and zoomed by the laboratory operator and also by the instructor at the classroom end. The video and audio are two-way with multiple wireless microphones at the student desks, which allows the students to interact with the laboratory instructor and the laboratory instructor to see the students in real time. 

Photolithography Nano-Fab Lab Mobile Video Platform

Photolithography demonstration by Dr. Andrew Sarangan from his lab at the University of Dayton

Nano-Fab Lab mobile video platform to bring nanotechnology laboratory experience to undergraduate students.


Nano-Fab Lab, Andrew Sarangan, Ph.D., Director

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