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Intelligent Optics Lab

Through innovative research, the IOL promotes advanced technologies for intelligent optical systems answering software and hardware requirements.
SPGD Control Unit
8, 16 or 24 channel control unit implementing an Advanced Stochastic Parallel Gradient Descent (SPGD+) control algorithm. Designed to optimize a single analog input voltage by varying multiple output voltages.
The Wave Optics Numerical Analysis Toolbox (WONAT) library includes unique mathematical methods and computational techniques to allow comprehensive numerical analysis of atmospheric optical systems in realistic operating conditions.
The Intelligent Fiber-Collimator Array (INFA) is composed of a densely-packed array of adaptive fiber optic collimators for coherent and incoherent beam combining. INFA was a finalist for the Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers 's prestigious Prism Award in 2015 in the Scientific Lasers category.
The Wavefront Aberration Correction (WACO) technology is designed to address the growing demand for affordable, intelligent instrumentation for optical wavefront phase aberration corrections in a wide range of applications and under various operational conditions.
The Intelligent Fiber-Optics Collimators, Couplers and Controllers (INFICO) technology is intended to address the educational, research and commercial needs for a compact and smart optical fiber free-space interface system capable of adaptive control of the transmitted and/or received light. The INFICO technology can be used in a variety of free-space optical transmitting and receiving applications, in either single or phased array configurations.

Intelligent Optics Laboratory, Dr. Mikhail Vorontsov, Director

Fitz Hall
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