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Intelligent Optics Lab

About the IOL Team

intelligent-optics-lab-team.jpgIntelligent Optics Lab (IOL) research and development team. They specialize in the development of intelligent optics laser and sensing systems with improved performance in harsh operating conditions.

Mikhail Vorontsov

Professor; Director, Intelligent Optics Laboratory; Endowed Chair, LIDAR

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Research Scientists
Ernst Polnau

Research Scientist

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Thomas Weyrauch

Senior Researcher

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Staff Researchers
Grigorii Filimonov
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Victor Kulikov
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Ph.D. Students
Behzad Bordbar
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Zhijun Yang
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Intelligent Optics Laboratory, Dr. Mikhail Vorontsov, Director

Fitz Hall
1529 Brown St
Dayton, Ohio 45469