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Laser Additive Manufacturing Technology

Shown above (left) is a sample of Laser Additive Manufacturing technology. This part was produced by using a power bed system with a seven-beam fiber array laser source Ti-6AL-4V alloy powder and demonstrates the ability to process “walls” using different laser beam geometries and power settings.  The experiments were performed under a SBIR contract (January, 2017) with the Department of the Navy using a fiber array system similiar to what is pictured on the right.

Intelligent Optics Lab Collaborations

Illustrated below is a customer base summary comprised of government and academic institutions conducting joint research and development.

Air Force Research Laboratory

Army Research Lab

The Boeing Company

U.S. Army Communications - Electronics Research, Development & Engineering Center

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Department of Defense - Missile Defense Agency

Department of Defense

High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office

Naval Air Systems Command

Office of Naval Research - Science & Technology

Naval Air Weapons System

Northrop Grumman Corporation

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