University of Dayton School of Engineering Innovation Center


Courses at University of Dayton:

  • ECE 203L
  • ECE 595-14

Ph.D. Dissertation List:

  1. Mohamad Hajj-Hassan: Hybrid NeuroMEMS: Simultaneous Recording of Neural Electro-potentials and Neural Biomarkers, McGill University, 2010
  2. Lei Yao: Integrated CMOS based Biochemical Sensor Microsystems, McGill University, 2010
  3. An Hu: High Performance Phase-Lock Loops: Application Towards Integrated CMOS Lock-In Amplifiers, McGill University, 2012
  4. Yu Ping (Roy) Zhang*: Anti-counterfeiting method using synthesized Nanocrystalline Cellulose Taggants, McGill University, 2013
  5. Yucai Wang: Wide-Temperature Range CMOS Interface Circuits for Capacitive MEMS Sensors, McGill University, 2015

indicates co-supervision

Master's Thesis and Project List:

  1. Amir Mohsen Aliakbar: Handheld impedance based biosensor system for glucose monitoring, McGill University, 2009
  2. Daisy Daivasagaya: CMOS Contact and Phase Imaging of Biochemical Sensor Microarray, McGill University, 2013
  3. George Xereas: Temperature compensated radio-frequency free-free beam MEMS resonators using a commercial process , McGill University, 2013
  4. Kevin Greig: Extreme Wide-Temperature Range 8-bit Digital to Analog Converter in Bulk CMOS Process, McGill University, 2014
  5. Charles Allan*: Tunable Absolute Capacitive Pressure Sensor on a Commercial Process, McGill University, 2015
indicates co-supervision


Integrated Microsystems Lab, Dr. Vamsy Chodavarapu, Director

Kettering Laboratories 452 
300 College Park 
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0232