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Many projects in the Vision Lab utilize aerial data, and the hexacopter drone is an effective way to obtain this aerial data.  The TurboAce Cinewing 6 hexacopter carries a Canon 5D Mark III on board and has a flight time of up to 25 minutes. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver during flight making it an efficient way to collect aerial data. The hexacopter and the camera gimbal can be controlled during flight, and the hexacopter can also be set to fly to a preprogrammed GPS location. A transmitter allows the operator to view a live feed of the video.

Hexacopter     Hexacopter

The Cinewing 6 hexacopter has many features which make it ideal for research use. The body is a triple deck carbon fiber structure that is durable and lightweight, foldable arms allow for easy transport and the 15 inch extra heavy duty carbon fiber propellers are resistant to flexing and warping under heavier payloads. The Naza V2 GPS allows for auto-stabilization, GPS course-lock, and Return-to-Home. 


The hexacopter has the potential for other capabilities such as autonomous flying, object tracking, and it can capture aerial data needed for many of the Vision Lab’s research projects. 


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