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Colin Leong

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Wright State University, May 2013

Master of Science in Computer Science, Wright State University, December 2015

Current Program: PhD in Electrical Engineering

Research Topics:

Adviser: Dr. Asari


Colin Leong is a Machine Learning Engineer at the University of Dayton Research Institute. He received a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Wright State University in 2013, and a Master's degree in Computer Science from Wright State University in 2015.

His research interests include machine translation, natural language processing, unsupervised or self-supervised learning, computer vision, and reinforcement learning.

He is currently looking into applying machine translation techniques to facilitate Bible translation into "low resource" languages that do not have access to large quantities of written information. Some of these languages do not even have written orthographies at all, and speakers are cut off from almost all the world's informational resources. If the process of translating texts into these languages can be improved, the lives of these people could be transformed for the better in many ways.

Colin's favorite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus, because of the rather amusing story of how its spiked tail came to be known as a "thagomizer."


Christopher Menart, Colin Leong, Olga Mendoza-Schrock, Edmund Zelnio, "Characterization of CNN classifier performance with respect to variation in optical contrast, using synthetic electro-optical data," Proc. SPIE 10988, Automatic Target Recognition XXIX, 109880N (14 May 2019);


Vision Lab, Dr. Vijayan Asari, Director

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0232