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Mumma Radar Lab

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Technology that is a superlative choice for non-destructive imaging and analysis of roots.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Technology that is a superlative choice for non-destructive imaging and analysis of roots.


  • 4 robotic arms
  • 8-channel Agilent network analyzer
  • 4 super computers
  • 4-channel Agilent oscilloscope
  • Spectrum analyzer

Current GPR-based root analysis techniques are designed for coarse root analysis and are unable to provide an accurate image of the root structure.

This project focuses on the development of an unconventional GPR system designed with greater accuracy, penetration depth and imaging capabilities that will extend the GPR technology for more accurate root analysis. To extend the GPR technology, we designed an unconventional GPR system that provides root information in the area under observation with greater accuracy and penetration depth by using a novel variable frequency GPR design. The system consists of a field deployable GPR platform and an advanced 3D reconstruction and processing suite. The platform consists of multi-frequency radar mounted on a precision controlled scanning platform. The scanning platform allows for increased signal-to-noise, unmatched visualization support capabilities (through 3D tomography using multiple angles and polarities) and repeatable measurements. The features and capabilities of the system include:

  • Innovative direct-path interference mitigation and soil property estimation
  • Novel first break mitigation
  • Real-time visualization to quickly inform the operator about the conditions of the soil
  • State-of-the-art tomographic reconstruction and post processing to provide the user with detailed 3D image reconstructions, root distribution information and statistical analysis

The resulting GPR root analysis system can be easily deployed by non -specialists without any radar background or expertise. As such, biologists, horticulture ists and life scientists will benefit from the successful commercialization of this technology for a variety of scientific studies and assessments. The GPR system can also be used as a planning tool prior to development of an area. In addition, the tomographic GPR system can be modified for other environments where it is desirable to survey small structures in real-world soil environments, e.g., DOD applications. This project is sponsored by 


Mumma Radar Lab, Dr. Andrew Bogle, Director

Kettering Laboratories
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Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0232