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Industrial Assessment Center

ESim (building energy simulation software)

SolarSim (solar and wind energy simulation software)

LightSim (natural lighting simulation software)

AirSim (compressed air system simulation software)

SteamSim (steam system simulation software)

HeatSim (heat loss calculation software)

CoolSim (cooling tower simulation software)

AmmoniaSim (ammonia refrigeration simulation software)

Duct Designer (duct system design software)

WeaTran (TMY and EPW translation software)

ETracker (weather-normalized savings calculation software)

ANN (artificial neural network software)

Energy Explorer (energy data exploration/modeling software) Contact Dr. Jun-Ki Choi

Energy Explorer C (multi-site normalized energy analysis software) Contact Dr. Jun-Ki Choi


Industrial Assessment Center, Dr. Jun-Ki Choi, Director

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0238