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Institutes and Centers

Building Energy Center

The goal of the Building Energy Center (UD-BEC) is to help improve building performance and energy efficiency while educating energy-efficiency engineers and advancing the science of building energy performance.

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CETRASE: Center of Excellence Thin-Film Research and Surface Engineering
CETRASE researchers focus on the improvement of sensors, electronics, electro-optics and energy systems. 
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Industrial Assessment Center

The University of Dayton Industrial Assessment Center (UD-IAC) conducts free energy, waste and production assessments for mid-sized industries and is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. 

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LOCI: Ladar and Optical Communications Institute
LOCI offers laser radar curriculum and consolidates the brainpower of the region's ladar researchers — instructors from the University of Dayton and the Air Force Institute of Technology.
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Mumma Radar Lab, Center of Excellence
One of the world's most unique radar labs. While robots are rotating in the space, the custom-made eight-channel Agilent Network Analyzer collects data. Mumma Radar Lab has been designated as a Center of Excellence in Distributed Sensing and Multistatic Radar.
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UD-Fraunhofer Center
The University of Dayton School of Engineering collaborates with the Fraunhofer Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, Dresden, Germany, to develop advanced transportation systems such as electric cars, high-speed trains and composite airplanes and to maintain production of critical aerospace parts with the highest levels of safety and reliability. 
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Vision Lab, Center of Excellence
The Vision Lab at the University of Dayton focuses on computer vision and wide-area surveillance to develop new algorithms and architectures for real-time applications in the areas of signal processing, image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, artificial neural networks and bio-mimetic object-vision recognition.
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von Ohain Fuels and Combustion, Center of Excellence
Conducts high-caliber research in modeling, simulation and optimization as applied to energy and environmental engineering areas. 
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