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Welcome to the Engineering Wellness Through Biomechanics Lab!

We are committed to original and significant research. Our research has the potential to transform the clinical assessment and treatment of balance, gait and mobility problems. Our work is supported by strong interdisciplinary collaborations and an outstanding team of student researchers.

Our Programs in Biomechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Program

Your transition from student to a professional engineering career in mechanical, biomechanical or renewable and clean energy is made easy.

University of Dayton School of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program

Learn, grow and develop your skills as an engineer, scholar and professional. 

School of Engineering Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Dr. Kim Bigelow

Bioengineering Graduate Program

Bioengineering, a growth industry, with the University of Dayton conducting close to $18 million in bioscience and bioengineering research.

Our Undergraduate Minor Program

University of Dayton School of Engineering

Human Movement in Biomechanics (HMB)

Focus on the theory and techniques in the field of biomechanical engineering to understand the kinematics and kinetics of human motion. Courses prepare undergraduate students to apply mechanical engineering concepts to solve clinical, occupational and sports biomechanics problems.


Biomechanics Lab, Dr. Kimberly Bigelow, Director

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