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Middle and High School STEM Teachers

STEM Design

Engage in on-going engineering research and implement your findings on-site at your international community partner location.

The following are some examples of on-going research and immersion opportunities.

Printable Prosthetics

Develop and manufacture 3-D printed prosthetics and orthotics using new flexible elastomers. Partner with our research partner in Santiago, Chile.

Biomass Combustion

Learn the physics and chemistry of biomass combustion processes as well as the modeling and design of biomass cook stoves. Field test your results with Burn Design Labs in Kenya or Washington State.

Human Waste Composting

Improve the lives of rural communities in Nicaragua by focusing on the cultural adoption and scientific efficacy of composting latrines.

Food Collection and Redistribution

Improve the supply chain and optimize the logistics of redistributing food for a Food Bank in Peru.

Sustainable Community Infrastructure

Implement solutions to improve access to potable water and improve road access for rural communities in Cameroon and Malawi.

Decrease Health Disparities

Identify and develop agriculture and ecological services to provide natural products to reduce, improve health outcomes for individuals exposed to environmental toxins in India.


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