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STEM Stories for Students in the Third Grade

Lesson 1: If I Built a House

Students design a home along the coast of Florida that can withstand the extreme weather that occurs.

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Lesson 2: Two Bobbies
Students design a transportation system via zip line to help stranded islanders escape to a safer location after a hurricane.
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Lesson 3: All the Water in the World
Students design a filtration system to clean and conserve water for those who need it.
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Lesson 4: The Airport Book
Students are challenged to design a more efficient transportation system for luggage in airports.
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Lesson 5: Emmanuel's Dream
Students design a device that helps those with disabilities pull on their socks independently.
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Lesson 6: Stanley at Sea
Students are tasked with creating a flotation device to aid a puppy who has not learned to swim yet.
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Lesson 7: Knights Before Christmas
Students imagine delivering presents to a castle, but the knights will not let them inside.  They have a catapult to fling the presents over the castle walls, however, they must develop a way to keep the presents from cracking upon impact.
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Lesson 8: Tiny Stitches
Students must design a surgical instrument to safely remove objects from an area without harming the object's surroundings.
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Lesson 9: Volcano Rising
Students are tasked with designing a structure or various structures to disrupt the flow of lava racing towards a town in order to save the town's citizens.
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Lesson 10: Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing
The students are challenged to design and build a bridge according to the lesson's directions and make proper adjustments if needed.
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This work was supported through the generosity of The Engineering and Science Foundation of Dayton (AD2018-001) and the Marianist Foundation. 

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