ETHOS-SonLight Graduate Service

The ETHOS Center at the University of Dayton has partnered with Sonlight Power, a Cincinnati-based non-profit, to train and send engineering graduate students to install life-changing solar arrays on community venues. 

ETHOS-SonLight Projects 2018

Sonlight Power will soon be announcing dates for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 projects. Training will take place during the Fall of 2018. Sites visited by UD students during the Spring of 2018 were:

March 1-8: Gressier, Haiti. The team installed a 10kw expansion on the roof of a medical clinic and removed and relocated 12 of the existing 8kw panels, a one week install. University of Dayton students, Hassun Ahmad and Afsana Afshar, worked in Gressier.

April 2-8: Port au Prince, Haiti.  Students installed a 5.3kw system on the roof of the Hotel BelFle with 16 solar batteries and a radian inverter and installed small pole mounted systems for the local schools. University students, Daniel Ulbricht, Oludare Oluwausi and Elodie Fausther Verembia, worked in Port au Prince.

Graduate Service Program Details

You can volunteer your time, energy and skills to support the work of SonLight Power, an organization that installs PV systems in the U.S. and beyond.

  • Training One-day training required prior to placement; cost paid by ETHOS Center
  • Possible Locations: Haiti, Dominican Republic and domestic sites
  • Length of Breakout: 1-2 weeks, optional dates available
  • Housing: Accommodations are made for housing in or near work area by SonLight
  • Eligibility: Graduate students from all majors are eligible to participate
  • Costs: Covered by ETHOS Center

Contact Us

The ETHOS Center, Dr. Malcolm Daniels, Director

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