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Collaboration and Commitment to a Common Mission and Vision

Blue Rock Station – Philo, Ohio

Blue Rock Station’s objective is to merge engineering, art, and re-use of existing materials. Blue Rock demonstrates a series of alternative building techniques and sustainable ways of living. Projects at the station include earthship buildings, straw bale structures, cord wood structures and much more. Blue Rock also has a series of garden projects.

Big Laurel Learning Center – Kermit, West Virginia

The Big Laurel Learning Center is a traditional mountain community that inspires celebration, education, and volunteerism as tools to promote healing and social change by providing education, outreach, and spiritual renewal, in solidarity with the people of southern West Virginia.

Aprovecho – Cottage Grove, Oregon

Aprovecho is a non-profit organization whose community of educators is a regional resource for researching, demonstrating, and educating the techniques and strategies of sustainable living.  Their mission is “Living, Learning, Organizing, and Educating to Inspire a Sustainable Culture.” Thirty years after its founding, the center serves as an inspiration for the hundreds of students, visitors, and volunteers that make use of its facilities.

Burn Design Lab – Vashon Island, Washington

BDL is an improved cookstove research institution with experience in numerous types of home and institutional biomass-fueled cookstoves. BDL combines design, lab, and field testing in both local manufacturing as well as different countries to develop their products for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Grupo Fenix – Sabana Grande, Nicaragua

Grupo Fenix is a sustainable organization working with appropriate and innovative technologies to improve the quality of life of rural communities in the areas of health, education, employment, environment, and gender equity.  Their mission is to enable community development and empowerment by facilitating technological and cultural exchanges.

Familias Especiales - Matagalpa, Nicaragua

FE is a non-government organization that promotes development of area-wide services for children and the youth with special needs and their families. FE offers services including education, therapy, health services, counseling and vocational development.

Zona Juvenil Ministeries - Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Zona Juvenil (Youth Zone) provides youth programs and services to youth at risk. Zona Juvenil carries out motivational, Christian education through their youth center and construction of a youth agricultural ranch.

Sustainable Bolivia – Cochabamba, Bolivia

Sustainable Bolivia is a non-profit community whose mission is to promote economic and environmental sustainability through international collaboration with local Bolivian initiatives. They partner with several other non-government organizations to promote much needed human and financial resources for partners, while providing international students and professionals with access to global educational opportunities and practical work experience. 

Energetica – Cochabamba, Bolivia

Energetica is an energy development institute that promotes a greater and more rational use of energy in Bolivia.  Their goal is to become an active reference institution on issues of sustainable energy and energy equity. They do this through formulation and execution of sectorial development of policies and strategies that have a sense of economic competitiveness.

MinVayu - Auroville, India

Minvayu designs, builds and sells affordable small wind turbines for people living in rural India. They also offer training programs for village mechanics, manufacturers and trainers. Their goal is to make electricity more accessible to 98 million rural Indians using the wind.

DuStudio – Auroville, India

DuStudio aims to promote eco-friendly, climatically appropriate, energy efficient, and cost-effective building materials and techniques that utilize locally appropriate inputs and aesthetics. DuStudio is a collaborative practice who works with other non-government organizations to rejuvenate habitats through design, social engagement, and architecture.

Organization for the Development of People - Mysore, India

ODP is intended for integrated human development of the socially and economically disadvantaged, the underprivileged, and the marginalized sections of Mysore society. Students work with farmers as well as manufacturers and community members to help them learn how to improve their standard of living. Their programs include women empowerment, natural resource management, livelihood enhancement, capacity building, health and sanitation, and research and development.

Solar Alternative and Associated Programmes - Patna, India

SAAP is a registered non-profit organization committed to environmental protection and empowerment of economically depressed groups. A venture undertaken by the Jesuits, SAAP uses science and technology serve humanity, especially the underprivileged sections of society, by providing pollution-free and widely available sources of energy. SAAP conducts research, development, fabrication and installation of a variety of solar devices, including household solar cookers, community solar cookers, solar steam cooking systems, and solar food dryers.

Solar Electric Light Foundation, - Bangalore, India

SELCO has played an instrumental role in improving living standards of poor households in rural India through solar energy with solar light system installations and low smoke cook stoves. SELCO’s key features include creating products based on end user needs, installation and after-sales services, and standardized financing packages. Recently, ETHOS students worked on a solar-powered aeroponics system to combat issues of lack of proper access to electricity.

Determine 2 Develop - Chilumba, Malawi

D2D, a non-profit charity started in 2009 by University of Dayton Alumni, Matthew Maroon, strives with its partners to lift the people of Malawi out of poverty using their own abilities and talents rather than hand-outs. Communities identify issues and solutions, which become the basis of D2D’s work, then communities contribute to the implementation or running of each project. During the summer of 2016, ETHOS students surveyed the land donated by the local chiefs to create a master plan for the site where a new high school will be built in rural Malawi.

Ghana Climate Innovation Center, Ashesi University – Accra, Ghana

Ashesi University is a private, liberal arts college, offering 4-year bachelor programs and establishing its reputation as a leader in undergraduate education in Africa. Ghana Climate Innovation Center, based at Ashesi University’s campus, supports entrepreneurs building climate change solutions for Ghana’s Green economy. Funded through a grant from the World Bank Group and partners, GCIC is a green project incubation hub where entrepreneurs and startup ventures can access support to develop their innovative ideas into strong and viable businesses. Their thematic areas include energy efficiency, water and sanitation, and climate smart agric.

Cameroon Football Development Program - Kumba, Cameroon

CFDP is a non-government organization started by UD ETHOS alumni Mark Ewalt.  The organization aims to improve the lives of youth through value-based education, life skills, and leadership experience on and off the soccer field. In recent years ETHOS students have worked on the route planning and site survey for a proposed roadway to connect the isolated village to the town across the lake. With this roadway complete, the people of Cameroon will be able to easily access the village and transport their crops to the market to sell.

RocketWorks – Durban, South Africa

RocketWorks supplies high-quality, efficient and cost effective multi-fuel gasifying rocket stoves to people around the world. The stoves reduce the quantity of wood required for cooking, make cooking safer and reduce emissions. During the past summer, students assisted in building a tobacco barn for drying tobacco in a more efficient manner using a prototype gasifier.

SonLight Power – Maasai, Tanzania

SonLight Power uses solar power to share God’s love with the world’s most underserved children, families, and communities. They design and build solar energy solutions for community venues – schools, medical clinics, orphanages, community centers, churches, water-pumping stations – in remote locations, bringing clean electricity for the first time to thousands around the world.

Dominica Manufacturer’s Association (DMA) - Roseau, Dominica

The Dominica Manufacturer’s Association recognizes the significance of the manufacturing sector in the economic growth of Dominica. Determined to develop a sustainable manufacturing sector that will result in sustainable jobs and wealth for its citizens, DMA represents the interest of all manufacturing companies in Dominica. Many of these companies are small-scale producers of regional products such as soap, coconut oil, furniture and shoes.

DI Lab, Pontifical University of Chile - SANTIAGO, CHILE

Colegio Quilacahuin is located in the Los Lagos region of Chile near Osorno. Situated on the northern edge of Patagonia, the college serves a highly agricultural region with a substantial indigenous population. The college is essentially a K-12 school with a small residential student population. The college also runs an active farm with many students who continue working on small farms in the region. The college was founded by the Franciscan order who are still actively involved with the school. Our work with the college is in partnership with the DI Lab at the Pontifical University of Chile in Santiago. 

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