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Mechanical Engineering

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Bachelor's Plus Master's Program (BPM)
We make it easy for you to earn an M.S. degree at the University of Dayton by linking your undergraduate and graduate programs. Interested? Is your GPA 3.0 or higher? Then, during your undergraduate program, you can apply for our BPM program directly with the graduate program of your choice. If accepted, you can take credit for up to two graduate-level courses taken during your undergraduate years to your undergraduate and graduate programs, which reduces the number of classes needed for your M.S. degree from 10 to 8. You'll save tuition dollars too because BPM students pay about 2/3 of the normal tuition cost during the first 12 months of their M.S. program.

Forms and Processes
Undergraduate student forms and processes.
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For Calculus, Physics and Chemistry:

For Engineering Mechanics, Dynamics and Thermodynamics — Teaching Assistants (TAs) are available for help with these subjects.


Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Dr. Jamie Ervin, Department Chair

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0238