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Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Our faculty and staff are comprehensive engineers and researchers who strengthen our community by combining the spirit of invention and innovation to advance our education and research.

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Research
Kimberly Bigelow Biomechanics
Engineering Wellness Through Biomechanics Lab
Andrew Chiasson Geothermal and building energy
Jun-Ki Choi Design for environment and sustainable manufacturing
Jamie Ervin Aircraft fuels and thermal management
Sid Gunasekaran Experimental aerodynamics
Kevin Hallinan
Energy data analytics and community clean energy
Josh Heyne
Combustion and alternative jet fuels
Reza Kashani Acoustics and dynamic systems
Allison Kinney Computational biomechanics
Robert Lowe Mechanics and materials
Andrew Murray Mechanical system design
Dave Myszka Mechanical system design
Dave Perkins Mechanical systems
Margaret Pinnell K-12 STEM education
Megan Reissman Biomechanics
Tim Reissman Robotics and biomechanics
Markus Rumpfkeil Computational fluid dynamics
Research Centers
School of Engineering Research Activities

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Dr. Jamie Ervin, Department Chair

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0238