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Understand foundational concepts and put theory into practice.

Our graduates are successful because they understand foundational concepts in statistics, operations research, and simulation, and practice applying these—using real-world data and current analysis tools—in diverse arenas, enabling them to solve problems they’ve been facing on the job. We offer the following two graduate programs:

  • The Master of Science program in Engineering Management (ENM) offers practicing engineers the analytical tools and management skills needed to plan, design, optimize and direct complex programs, processes and systems and to lead the teams that make them work.
  • The Master of Science program in Management Science (MSC) teaches technical professionals how to apply the quantitative techniques and tools of operations research to solve problems in business, industry and government.

We also offer an innovative distance learning format that brings the classroom to you. Nearly all our courses are offered in a time-honored classroom setting while also being simultaneously broadcast over the internet via web conferencing. This “simulcast” environment allows students to not only participate in real-time via audio, video and chat but also to playback the recorded class sessions at their convenience. To accommodate working professionals, courses are offered during the fall, spring and summer semesters and delivered either over the lunch hour or in the late afternoon or evening.

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Graduate students

Toward the end of your engineering management or management science master's program of study, you can complete a capstone project that will enable you to demonstrate your ability to translate coursework into real-world application. Alternately, if you aspire toward an eventual doctorate degree, you will be encouraged to work with our faculty on a research project that will culminate in a master’s thesis. 

Some topics studied by our recent graduates:

  • Optimizing manufacturing, assembly and sequencing operations for a new facility
  • Developing a model for selecting a supplier for gas turbine engines
  • Improving production and packaging for a brewing company
  • Analyzing failure data for the avionics systems on a gunship
  • Ergonomic redesign of a digital camera
  • Optimizing the propulsion system for an unmanned aerial vehicle
  • Determining the best configuration for a call center via simulation

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