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Department Research 2019

Journal Articles

  • Li, Y., Abeywickrema, U., & Banerjee, P. P. (2019). Dynamics of laser induced microbubbles in an absorbing liquid. Opt. Engr., 58, 084107-1 – 10.
  • Zhou, H., Sui, X., Cao, L., & Banerjee, P. P. (2019). Digital correlation of computer-generated holograms for 3D face recognition. Appl. Opt., 58, G177-G186.
  • Bordbar, B., Zhou, H., & Banerjee, P. P. (2019). 3D object recognition through processing of 2D holograms. Appl. Opt., 58, G197-G203.
  • Picart, P., Banerjee, P. P., Georges, M., Liu, J., Cao, L., & Blanche, P.-A. (2019). Digital holography and 3D imaging: Introduction to the joint feature issue. Applied Optics and Journal of the Optical Society of America A, J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, 36, DH1 and Appl. Opt., 58, DH1.
  • Ma, C., Khanolkar, A., & Chong, A. (2019). High-performance tunable, self-similar fiber laser. Opt. Lett., 44, 1234-1236.
  • McManamon, P. F., & Ataei, A. (2019). Progress and opportunities in the development of nonmechanical beam steering for electro-optical systems. Opt. Eng., 58(12), 120901.
  • Lombardo, D., Shah, P., & Sarangan, A. (2019). Single step fabrication of nano scale optical devices using binary contact mask deep UV interference lithography. Opt. Express, 27(16), 22917-22922 2019).      
  • Guo, P., Sarangan, A., & Agha, I. (2019). A review of germanium-antimony-telluride phase change materials for non-volatile memories and optical modulators. Appl. Sciences, 9(3), 530.         
  • Duran, J., & Sarangan, A. M. (2019). Schottky-Barrier photodiode internal quantum efficiency dependence on nickel silicide film thickness. IEEE Photonics J., 11, 6800215.    
  • Burrow, J. A., Yahiaoui, R., Sarangan, A., Mathews, J., Agha, I., & Searles, T. A. (2019). Eigenmode hybridization enables lattice-induced transparency in symmetric terahertz metasurfaces for slow light applications. Opt. Lett., 44(11), 2705.
  • Polnau, E., Vorontsov, M. A., & Gudimetla, R. (2019). Experimental demonstration of target-in-the-loop remote sensing of laser beam and atmospheric turbulence characteristics. J. Opt. 21, 095602.
  • Tao, R., Lia, H., Zhang, Y., Yao, P., Xu, L., Gu, C., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Strong coupling of optical interface modes in a 1D topological photonic crystal heterostructure/Ag hybrid system. Opt. Lett., 44(22), 5642-5645.
  • Rui, G., Hu, H., Singer, M., Jen, J., Zhan, Q., & Gan, Q. (2019). Symmetric meta‐absorber‐induced superchirality. Adv. Opt. Mater., 7, 1901038.
  • Gong, L., Zhang, X., Gu, B., Zhu, Z., Rui, G., He, J., Zhan, Q., & Cui, Y. (2019). Optical pulling forces on Rayleigh particles using ambient optical nonlinearity. Nanophotonics, 8(6), 1117-1124.
  • Li, H., Zhang, Y., Dong, Z., He, J., Gu, C., Yao, P., Xu, L., Zhang, R., Su, J., Chen, W., Zhu, Y., & Zhan, Q. (2019). A high‐efficiency all‐fiber laser operated in high‐order mode using ring‐Core Yb‐doped fiber. Ann. Phys., 531, 1900079.
  • Ibarra-Borja, Z., Sevilla-Gutiérrez, C., Ramírez-Alarcón, R., Zhan, Q., Cruz-Ramírez, H., & U’Ren, A. B. (2019). Direct observation of OAM correlations from spatially entangled bi-photon states. Opt. Express, 27(18), 25228-25240.
  • Li, H., Yan, K., Dong, Z., Tao, R., Gu, C., Yao, P., Xu, L., Zhang, R., Su, J., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Multi-wavelength oscillating & transverse mode switching in an all few-mode fiber laser based on polarization manipulation. Opt. Laser Technol., 117, 110-113.
  • Li, H., Yan, K., Zhang, Y., Dong, Z., Gu, C., Yao, P., Xu, L., Zhang, R., Su, J., Chen, W., Zhu, Y., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Passively Q-switching cylindrical vector beam fiber laser operating in high-order mode. J. Opt., 21(9), 095502.
  • Chen, H., Rui, G., Zhou, S., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Miniature polarimeter with curved hyperbolic metamaterials. J. Opt., 21(8), 085104.
  • Yu, Y., Huang, H., Zeng, Y., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Optimization-free two-dimensional focal spot array generated by the use of radiation pattern from a planar antenna array. J. Nanophotonics, 13(3), 036004.
  • Zhan, Q. (2019). From cylindrical to complex and beyond: Guest editorial. Adv. Opt. Photonics, 11(2), ED7-ED9.
  • Hu, J., Yao, E., Xie, W. Liu, W., Li, D., Lu, Y., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Strong longitudinal coupling of Tamm plasmon polaritons in graphene/DBR/Ag hybrid structure. Optics Express, 27(13), 18642-18652.
  • Yu, Y., Huang, H., Lin, S., Chen, M., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Generation of optical needles and bright spot arrays through reversing the radiation pattern of collinear antenna array. J. Opt., 21(7), 075602.
  • Hu, H., Gan, Q., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Generation of a nondiffracting superchiral optical needle for circular dichroism imaging of sparse subdiffraction objects. Phys. Rev. Lett., 122(22), 223901.
  • Wang, J., Chen, R., Yao, J., Ming, H., Wang, A., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Random distributed feedback fiber laser generating cylindrical vector beams. Phys. Rev. Appl., 11(4), 044051.
  • Wan, C., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Generation of exotic optical polarization Möbius strips. Opt. Express, 27(8), 11516-11524.
  • Zhang, Y., Li, H., Dai, C., Tao, R., Xu, L., Gu, C., Chen, W., Zhu, Y., Zhan, Q., & Yao, P. (2019). An all-fiber laser oscillating directly at a single TE01 mode with ring-core fibers. Appl. Phys. Express, 12(5), 052001.
  • Zhou, S., Rui, G., Chen, H., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Diffraction-limited optical focusing with arbitrarily oriented magnetic field. J. Opt., 21(4), 045610.
  • Wan, C., Rui, G., Chen, J., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Detection of photonic orbital angular momentum with micro-and nano-optical structures. Front. Optoelectron., 12(1), 88-96.
  • Yu, Y., Chen, M., Lin, S., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Engineering arrays of diffraction-limited hollow tubes and doughnut spots with prescribed distributions. Europhys. Lett., 125(2), 24001.
  • Chen, J., Zhang, D., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Effective iterative method for accurate amplitude modulation in complex optical field generation. Opt. Eng., 58(8), 082404.
  • Rui, G., Li, Y., Zhou, S., Wang, Y., Gu, B., Cui, Y., & Zhan, Q. (2019). Optically induced rotation of Rayleigh particles by arbitrary photonic spin. Photonics Res., 7(1), 69-79.
  • Sánchez-Solís, A., Karim, F., Alam, M. S., Zhan, Q., López-Luke, T., & Zhao, C. (2019). Print metallic nanoparticles on a fiber probe for 1064-nm surface-enhanced Raman scattering. Opt. Lett., 44(20), 4997-5000.
  • Zhao, C., Shah, P. J., & Bissell, L. J. (2019). Laser additive nano-manufacturing under ambient conditions. Nanoscale, 11(35), 16187–16199.
  • Busch, R. T., Karim, F., Weis, J., Sun, Y., Zhao, C., & Vasquez, E. S. (2019). Optimization and structural stability of gold nanoparticle–antibody bioconjugates. ACS Omega, 4(12), 15269–15279.
  • Karim, F., Vasquez, E. S., Sun, Y., & Zhao, C. (2019). Optothermal microbubble assisted manufacturing of nanogap-rich structures for active chemical sensing. Nanoscale, 11, 20589–20597.
  • Dai, B., Jiao, Z., Zheng, L., Bachman, H., Fu, Y., Wan, X., Zhang, Y., Huang, Y., Han, X., Zhao, C., Huang, T.-J., Zhuang, S., & Zhang, D. (2019). Colour compound lenses for a portable fluorescence microscope. Light Sci. Appl., 8(1), 75.
  • Alam, M. S., Zhan, Q. & Zhao, C. (2020). Additive Opto-thermo-mechanical Nano-printing and Nano-repairing under Ambient Conditions. Nano Letters, 20(7), 5057–5064.

Papers Published at Conference Proceedings

  • Banerjee, P. P., Abeywickrema, U., Zhou, H., Bordbar, B., Nehmetallah, G., Alam, M., & Cao, L. (2019). Taking correlation from 2D to 3D: Optical methods and performance evaluation, invited. Proc. SPIE 10995, 10995OB.
  • Banerjee, P. P., Gnawali, R., & AL-Ghezi, H. (2019). Optical waves and beams in layered isotropic and anisotropic media, invited. Proc. SPIE 11081, 1108104.
  • Sarangan, A. (2019). Fabrication of photonic systems using phase change materials, invited. SPIE Annual Mtg. San Diego, Calif., 11081.
  • Lawandi, R. G., Hirakawa, K., & Sarangan, A. M. (2019). Fabrication of integrated single-chip Fourier spectrometers. SPIE Annual Mtg. San Diego, Calif., 11089.
  • Kulikov, V. A., Lachinova, S. L., & Vorontsov, M. A. (2019). Atmospheric turbulence outer scale estimation using laser light backscattered off moving target. Imaging and Applied Optics Conference, Optical Society of America, Munich, Germany, PTh1D-3.
  • Bordbar, B., Farwell, N. H., & Vorontsov, M. A. (2019). Performance analysis of an adaptive optics system with scintillation-resistant phase-contrast wavefront sensor. Imaging and Applied Optics Conference, Optical Society of America, Munich, Germany, CTu4A.6.
  • Vorontsov, M. (2019). Adaptive wavefront aberration mitigation with coherent fiber array systems. XII International Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine, Delft, Netherlands.
  • WatsonE. A. (2019). Viewpoint-independent object recognition using photon-counted point clouds. Application of Lasers to Sensing and Communication, Laser Congress, LTu5B.3, Vienna.


  • Sarangan, A. M. (2017 - 2020), Antireflection Coatings. UES/AFRL, $53,271.00.
  • Sarangan, A. M. (2017 - 2020), Antireflection Coatings. UES/AFRL, Federal, $53,271.00.
  • Agha, I., Sarangan, A. M., Agha, I. & Sarangan, A. M. (2017 - 2020), Collaborative Research: Nanopatterning and temporal control of phase-change materials for reconfigurable photonics. National Science Foundation, Federal, $198,000.00.
  • Vorontsov, M. (2017 - 2022), JTO-MRI, Characterization of atmospheric turbulence in the lower atmosphere. US Navy Office of Naval Research, Federal, $360,024.00.
  • Vorontsov, M. (2017 - 2022), JTO-MRI, Characterization of atmospheric turbulence in the lower atmosphere. US Navy Office of Naval Research, $360,024.00.
  • Vorontsov, M. (2012 - 2021), MURI: FA95501210449. US Air Force, Federal, $6,649,304.00.
  • Vorontsov, M. (2012 - 2021), MURI: FA95501210449. US Air Force, $6,649,304.00.
  • Zhao, C. & Zhan, Q. (2020 - 2021), NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates. National Science Foundation, Federal, $7,703.00.
  • Zhao, C. & Zhan, Q. (2018 - 2021), Non-Destructive Laser-Induced Transfer of Nanostructures to Flexible Substrates with Sub-5 Nanometer Resolution. National Science Foundation, Federal, $317,158.00.

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