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Department Research 2019

Journal Articles

  • Sandhu, S. S., & Fellner, J. P. (2020). Ab-initio calculations for a lithium/diquinoxlinylene battery. Invention Journal of Research Technology in Engineering & Management, 4(01), 06-10. Retrieved from


  • Sandhu, S., & Fellner, J. P. (2020, April). Development of high-performance organic material-based cathodess. Presented at the 2020 AIChE Spring National Meeting, Houston, Texas.


  • Comfort, K. K. (2017 - 2022), CAREER: Bridging the in vitro - in vivo gap through generation of an enhanced microenvironment model (EMM) for biologically accurate nanomaterial evaluation. National Science Foundation, Federal, $549,486.00.
  • Comfort, K. K. (2017 - 2022), University of Dayton Clare Boothe Luce Foundation. Clare Boothe Luce Foundation, Private, $235,000.00.
  • Klosterman, D. A., Cao, L., Bradford, R. L. & Eckerle, R. (2020), SBIR Phase II - Additive Manufacturing of Long Rod Penetrator Sabots using Carbon Nanotube Metal Matrix Composites (Year 2). Army Research Lab  / Shepra Inc., Federal, $201,603.63.
  • Klosterman, D. A. & Aldhahri, K. (2020), Simulation, Optimization, and Adaptive Control of Resin Transfer Molding of High Temperature Composites. Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) - Summer Faculty Fellowship Program (SFFP), Federal, $31,625.00.
  • Klosterman, D. A., Cao, L., Bradford, R. L. & Eckerle, R. (2019 - 2020), STTR Phase II - Additive Manufacturing of 17-4 PH stainless steel metal matrix composites using nickel functionalized carbon nanotubes (Year 2). NAVAIR / Shepra Inc., Federal, $128,996.99.
  • Vasquez, E. (2017 - 2020), Collaborative Research: Superparamagnetic Cellulose and Lignin Nanoparticles as Recyclable Additives to Enhance the Liquid/Liquid Extraction of Ethanol from Aqueous Solutions. National Science Foundation, Federal, $149,930.00.

Chemical and Materials Engineering and Bioengineering, Dr. Kristen Krupa, Department Chair

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0256