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KEEN Fellows

KEEN Fellows

Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN)

The goal of the KEEN Fellows Program is to empower faculty to infuse their undergraduate engineering courses with Entrepreneurially Minded Learning (EML) and other advanced learning pedagogies. The program is also open to faculty outside of engineering who teach undergraduate engineering students. Faculty are empowered through development opportunities, peer interaction, and in some cases, funding and/or release time. Three cohorts spanned three years (2015-2018), supporting 53 fellows who developed new course modules designed to help undergraduate engineering students to

  • Engage their Curiosity
  • Make Connections by integrating information from many sources and disciplines
  • Create value by seizing opportunities to apply their ingenuity in a purposeful manner
  • Apply an Entrepreneurial Mindset to any situation

The program benefits from exceptionally strong support from the president, provost, dean, department chairs, and key faculty and staff. Furthermore, KEEN’s Student Outcomes align well with our Common Academic Program. Also, the Learning Teaching Center serves as a partner for content delivery and assessment measures. Faculty join the program voluntarily following recommendations made by department chairs. Each cohort required faculty to commit to one year of participation typically during the spring/summer/fall semesters for development and deployment of EML modules.


  • Designation as a KEEN Fellow on campus and within the KEEN network
  • Access to KEEN network workshops, shared curriculum and experienced faculty within the KEEN network
  • Stipends commensurate with effort in designing EML modules (avg. 2-6 weeks)
  • Recognition in the SOE Promotion & Tenure process
  • Partnership with like-minded faculty
  • Opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Additional stipend for sharing approved curriculum with the KEEN network


  • Attend and participate in workshops related to teaching, EML and other advanced pedagogies
  • Provide a proposal for EML development in their course
  • Be prepared to share course materials with KEEN, even in development stage
  • Aim to publish in JEEN (Journal of Engineering Entrepreneurship)
  • Share and discuss pedagogical enhancements with colleagues and network peers
  • Be open to learning new ways of engaging students in the learning process


The primary objective of the KEEN Fellows Program is to enhance the Entrepreneurial Mindset of undergraduate engineering students through EML and other advanced pedagogies implemented by the faculty participants. The elements of the program are structured to achieve the following intended outcomes:

  • Reach 100 percent of the undergraduate engineering student population by significantly expanding the number of faculty involved in the KEEN movement
  • Achieve a critical mass of 50+ faculty to create a sustainable entrepreneurially minded culture within the School of Engineering
  • Implement sustainable curricular enhancements across more than 50 undergraduate engineering courses and courses outside of engineering that reach undergraduate engineering students
  • Interaction and networking between faculty participants and colleagues across different disciplines
  • Reflective teaching practices established and goals set that target coursework changes and teaching methods that improve student learning
  • Understanding of key findings from higher education scholarship that documents how students learn best, such as through the use of EML and other active learning strategies
  • Develop an appreciation of the importance of assessment

Facilitators and Planning Team

Faculty from the KEEN network, guest facilitators from the UD Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center (LTC) and external agencies will deliver program content. The planning team: Eddy Rojas (SoE dean and PI); Ken Bloemer (Visioneering Center director and Co-PI); Emily Fehrman Cory, Faculty of Practice in Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and Heather Juhascik, KEEN Program Coordinator, welcome your comments and input on this program. Content and activities remain flexible to help meet the needs of the KEEN Fellows and all faculty interested in improving their teaching and student outcomes.


Visioneering Center, Dr. Ken Bloemer, Director

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0254