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We are a gathering space for like-minded people who want to collaborate and create as they wish. Our space is used by clubs, senior design teams, and University of Dayton students, faculty and staff to build personal or class projects. We hope you'll join us.


In 2016, the University of Dayton's Maker's Club, with help from four faculty members, started the Makerspace in a single room in Kettering Labs. Since its humble beginnings, our Makerspace has grown to five rooms in Kettering Labs with more space coming in the near future!

Over time, we obtained a large selection of tools and equipment through donation, fund raising and grant writing. In 2018, under the School of Engineering's Innovation Center, a full-time manager was hired to oversee the Makerspace and work with its student employees. Together, they facilitate training sessions, maintain equipment and ensure safety.

3D Printing Shop

We currently have (4) Stratasys uPrint SE Plus printers capable of printing with model material and a dissoluble support material. Additionally, we have a Makerbot and an FLSun QQ-S delta style printer. To have parts 3D printed, please bring .STL file to the Makerspace during open hours. The Makerspace charges $4 / cu. in. for Stratasys filament, which can be paid either with a Flyer Express card or a University charge code. The other printers are free to use as long as you supply your own PLA filament. No formal training is required to use the 3D printers.

Electronics Shop

We offer two separate electronics lab stations in our electronics shop. Each station consists of a power supply, multi meter, function generator, oscilloscope and soldering station. One station includes a vacuum operated desoldering tool.

Laser Shop

New to the Makerspace is our Full Spectrum P36 36” x 24” 90w CO2 laser that can cut and engrave a variety of soft materials (no metal).

Metal Shop

Our metal shop consists of band saws, a sheet metal brake, a sheet metal shear, a combination sander, a lathe, upright milling machines, drill presses, a bench grinder, a cut-off saw, and a variety of hand and battery operated tools.

Welding Shop

Our welding shop consists of a TIG welder, an MIG welder, a stick welder and a plasma cutter.

Wood Shop

Our wood shop consists of band saws, a combination sander, a drill press, a router table, an X-Carve CNC router, a panel saw, a miter saw, and a variety of hand and battery operated tools.


You MUST complete Makerspace training before you're able to access our Makerspace. We offer two levels of training:

  • First level: Hands-on, wood shop training where you'll learn how to use most of the power tools in the wood shop through creation of a small project.
  • Second level: This is a general safety overview that covers safe operation of the wood and metal shop machines. 

Trainings are offered frequently. For the most update-to-date training session schedule, please consult Bioraft.


  • Courses that require work in a shop can be done in the Makerspace during open hours.
  • Faculty members can schedule trainings for their entire class.
  • Students in class performing school project work will only be permitted access to the Makerspace after they finish their required training(s).

Makerspace, Kevin Pierson, Manager

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0211