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Industry Projects

Engineering Welcomes Sponsored Projects

With our intentional and directed focus on creating engineers with practical experience, our School of Engineering welcomes our industrial partners to engage in project-based learning by mentoring, creating, developing and learning from student projects. Below you will find a list of current engineering courses that sponsor industrial projects at the University of Dayton School of Engineering. If you would like to get involved with any of these areas for project sponsorship at the undergraduate or graduate level, please contact the Office of Industrial Relations.

Engineering Innovation

  • EGR 103 — First-year, multi-disciplinary, innovation projects primarily geared towards skill development in the areas of analysis, creativity, conceptual design, design and problem-solving processes, prototyping, teamwork, and project communications. Application to the development of a new product or technology meeting societal needs. This course is part of the Integrated Engineering Core for all engineering students.

Civil Engineering

  • CEE 450 — Civil Engineering Design Capstone: Group design of complete projects, drawing on the knowledge acquired in a spectrum of civil engineering subjects. Second semester, each year.
  • Design Core — Small-scale design projects in the areas of environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation and water resources.
  • Graduate research - M.S.

Electrical Engineering

  • ECE 431, ECE 431/432 — Electrical Design Capstone: Combination of lecture and laboratory experiences. The focus of the lecture is on project management of engineering design, including communication, collaboration, project tracking methods, cost estimating, overhead, direct labor costs, time value of money, depreciation and return on investment. The focus of the lab is on a multidisciplinary team design project. Detailed evaluation of the Product Realization Process (PRP), including specifications, innovation, conceptualization, decision analysis, embodiment design, final design and prototyping. Analysis of the design criteria for safety, ergonomic, environmental, financial, ethical and socio-political impact. Periodic oral and status reports. Culminates in a comprehensive written report and oral presentation.
  • ECE 398 — Undergraduate Research Experience
  • Graduate research — M.S. and Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineering

  • MEE 431/432 — Mechanical Design Capstone: One hour lecture and five hours of lab per week. Description is same as ECE 431/432 capstone.
  • Graduate research — M.S. and Ph.D.

Engineering Technology

  • Engineering Technology Design Capstone
  • IET 323 —Project management

School of Engineering, David Ashley, Director of Industry Relations

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