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Chilumba, Malawi

Chilumba, Malawi

Noelle, Steve, and Samantha spent their summer in Chilumba, Malawi improving the efficiency and capacity of a small baking business run by women. Their design allowed for heat to travel effectively around all five chambers of the oven and increased the capacity by five times.

project highlight: High Capacity Wood-Fired Oven with Phulano Baking Group & D2D

Three engineering students were sent to Malawi, Africa through the ETHOS program to work with the non-profit, Determined to Develop, started by a University of Dayton graduate. The non-profit focuses on four different areas of development in Malawi: Health and Nutrition, Environment, Education, & Women’s Empowerment. One way the non-profit empowers women is by supporting small businesses run by women. 

See Project Poster: High Capacity Wood-Fired Oven with Phulano Baking Group & D2D

student experience

“I gained new perspectives, met new people, built good relationships, and learned very practical skills about engineering and even more about how to interact in all of my relationships.” – Noelle Jacobs, 2017 ETHOS Participant


The ETHOS Center, Kelly Bohrer, Executive Director

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