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2017 Immersions

Summer 2017 Projects

From an island in the West Indies to the warm heart of Africa, our students were all over the world this summer working with our partners. Check out where our students were located and what projects they worked on.
Accra, Ghana

Partner: Ashesi University

Mark and Tom spent 10 weeks in Accra, Ghana. The goal of their project was to stimulate economic development, reduce poverty, and promote social stability, requiring consolidation of the fractured urban and rural land administration systems.

See Project Poster: Perimeter Intrusion Protection System (PIPS): Accra, Ghana

Read more about their experience here.

Auroville, India

Partners: MinVayu & DUStudio

The goal of Andrea and Grant’s project was to build a delta 3d printer to reduce time and labor costs for large construction projects. The team also built grates for storage, designed and raised a heat-protecting tarp over the workshop, and expanded the workspace.

See Project Poster: Printing Houses in Auroville, India

Read more about their experience here.

Bangalore, India

Partner: Selco Foundation

Colton spent his summer in Bangalore, India working on a hybrid ultra-capacitor solar system due to large costs associated with oversizing batteries to compensate for system inefficiencies. The primary goal of this system is to both reduce the system’s size and to increase system performance on overcast days.

See Project Poster: Hybrid Ultra-Capacitors

Read more about their experience here.

Chilumba, Malawi

Partners: High Capacity Wood-Fired Oven with Phulano Baking Group & D2D

Noelle, Steve, and Samantha spent their summer in Chilumba, Malawi improving the efficiency and capacity of a small baking business run by women. Their design allowed for heat to travel effectively around all five chambers of the oven and increased the capacity by five times.

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Partners: CONSES and CECAM

Caroline and Alana worked with CONSES to both improve marketing and organization and improve the process for using dry urine-diverting toilets. Thomas worked with CECAM to create a prototype for a bike washing machine to alleviate time spent washing clothes.

See Project Posters:    Composting Toilets

                                          Composting Toilets in Cochabamaba, Bolivia

                                          Cochabamba, Bolivia Pedal Project

Read more about their experience here.

Durban, South Africa

Partner: Rocket Works

Aidan and Daniel traveled to Durban, South Africa to work for Rocket Works, spending the summer improving CNC machines such as wood/metal routers and plasma cutters for the manufacturing side of the company, and used them to manufacture products for various clientele.

See Project Poster: CNC Machining in Durban, South Africa

Read more about their experience here.

Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Partner: Zona Juvenil Youth Ranch

Paul and Dakota stayed at Zona Juvenil Youth Ranch in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, ensuring the safety of the ranch and the boys it houses by designing and installing a ranch-wide fire suppression system.

See Project Poster: Fire Suppression System

Read more about their experience here

Kumba, Cameroon

Partner: OREPRID

Paige, Daniela, David traveled to Cameroon to work on and improve the existing water system and investigate expanding the system to include a community-scale biosand water filter. 

See Project Poster: ETHOS Immersion Trip to Mbo Barombi, Cameroon

Read more about their experience here.

Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Partner: Familias Especiales

Gina, Hannah, and Lauren traveled to Matagalpa, Nicaragua to build a ramp for improving the transport of recycled materials.

See Project Poster: Recycling Center Ramp & Water Bottle Globe

Read more about their experience here.

Mysore, India

Partner: Organisation for the Development of People (ODP)

Sarah and Eric traveled to Mysore, India on two different projects including improving solar dryer technology and soil analysis to benefit the farming community.

See Project Posters: Collapsible Solar Food Dryer

                                     Soil Health Analysis

Read more about their experience here.

Patna, India

Partner: Solar Alternatives and Associated Programmes (SAAP)

Joshua and Ryan traveled to Patna, India to create a complete Solar Thermal Adsorption Refrigeration system using copper pipe, copper soldering, and thread-less valves with the least amount of threaded connections as well as future developments.

See Project Poster: Solar Thermal Adsorption Refrigeration In Patna, India

Read more about their experience here.

Roseau, Dominica

Partner: Dominica Manufacturers Association (DMA)

Olivia and Boone improved the current process for manufacturing fruit chips and coconut oil, improved record-keeping, researched new recipes for soap and shampoo bars, and designed a business brochure. Megan and Claire increased efficiency in production by making equipment investment recommendations, creating a reporting system, and designed and built a solar dryer to reduce production costs.

See Project Posters:  Manufacturing in Dominica

                                       Local Food Manufacturing

Read more about their experience here

Sabana Grande, Nicaragua

Partner: Grupo Fenix

Alexandra and Gabriela traveled to Sabana Grande, Nicaragua to work with locals to help build latrines and to understand the construction process.

See Project Poster: Dry Latrines in Nicaragua

Read more about their experience here


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