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ETHOS Dayton Immersions

This summer, 19 students are participating in the ETHOS/KEEN Remote Immersion Program. Students work from home on projects for one of our 14 Dayton and domestic community partners. They participate in an EXP course which entails learning about appropriate technology, cross cultural growth and development, and other topics. The course and project work incorporate entrepreneurial mindset learning (EML). For  more information about remote immersion opportunities, please contact

About ETHOS Dayton

The ETHOS Dayton Immersion program aims to encourage growth through experiential learning, creation of intentional community and partnership with local non-profit organizations and agencies. The semester-long placements require students to take time off from traditional academic study in order to participate in service-learning projects with non-profit organizations throughout the City of Dayton and surrounding areas. The goal of local immersions is to expand the worldview of participants and empower them through experience and knowledge to become lifelong advocates for social change.

You will not be attending classes during your local immersion except for the weekly mini-course, which accompanies the experience. Generally, the summer program requires community living, though this is not the case in summer 2020. The Ethos Center also provides a small stipend to help cover living expenses.

See the below video about our work with ETHOS Dayton partner, The Dome. 


Summer 2020

  • May 18-22: orientation week
  • May 25-Aug. 7: work with partners
  • Aug. 3-7: last week with partners
  • Aug. 30: required post retreat

Fall 2020

  • Aug. 24-28: orientation week
  • Aug. 31-Dec. 18: work with partners


How to apply

To complete your application:

If you have any questions, please email

*Please Note: The application is for Engineering Students Only. All other students interested in a Semester of Service placement, please apply through the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community Semester of Service Program.


The ETHOS Center, Dr. Malcolm Daniels, Director

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0212