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The Ethos Center

ETHOS Dayton Immersions

Apply your engineering mindset and skillset to build value in the Dayton community for the common good!

To apply for an ETHOS Dayton Immersion, fill out the ETHOS Dayton and Domestic Immersion Application through google forms: Dayton and Domestic Immersion Application

Application fee: $100 (subject to change)

Rolling admission, applications are accepted year round. Interviews for Summer immersions will begin in late January, so apply now! Applications for Summer 2023 will close on February 27th!


  • Dates: Dayton Immersions are offered fall, spring and summer semesters.
  • Immersion opportunities are located throughout Greater Dayton, including with these organizations:
  • Students typically live on campus and a stipend will be provided to cover living expenses (To be determined)
  • Eligibility: Graduate and undergraduate students from all engineering majors are eligible to participate.

About ETHOS Dayton

The ETHOS Dayton Immersion program aims to encourage growth through experiential learning, creation of intentional community and partnership with local non-profit organizations and agencies. The semester-long placements require students to take time off from traditional academic study in order to participate in community-engaged learning projects with non-profit organizations throughout the city of Dayton and surrounding areas. The goal of local immersions is to expand the worldview of participants and empower them through experience and knowledge to become lifelong advocates for social change. 

You do not attend classes during your local immersion except for the weekly mini-course, which accompanies the experience. 

ETHOS Domestic Immersions

 The ETHOS Domestic Immersions provide students with an opportunity to use their skills for humanitarian purposes by making a difference in the lives of the people and environment within the United States.

To apply, complete the ETHOS Dayton and Domestic Immersion application through google forms: Dayton and Domestic Immersion Application

Application fee: $100 (subject to change)

Application due dates: Rolling admission. We accept applications for Domestic Immersions year round. Interviews for Summer Domestic Immersions begin in late January, so apply now! Applications for Summer 2023 Immersions close February 27th!


  • Dates: Domestic Immersions are offered fall, spring and summer semesters.
  • Locations: 
    • The DOME, Springfield, Ohio
    • Aprovecho, Cottage Grove, Oregon
    • Burn Design Lab, Vashon, Washington
    • Rich Earth Institute, Brattleboro, Vermont
    • Baruch Marine Field Laboratory, Georgetown, South Carolina
    • Bethlehem Farm, Alderson, West Virginia
    • The HUB, West Liberty, Ohio
    •  Click here to read more about our current opportunities. 
  • Housing: Arranged by host near area of work and the Ethos Center covers the cost.
  • A stipend will be provided for living expenses depending on the placement site. 
  • Eligibility: Graduate and undergraduate students from all engineering majors are eligible to participate.
  • Projects: Range from solar cook stoves, alternative building techniques, sustainable living, clean water systems and environmental stability, building assistive technology, and more!

See the video below about our work with one of our Domestic partners, the DOME.

ETHOS International Immersions

Applications are now closed for summer 2023 international immersions! Applications for next summer will reopen during the fall semester.

To apply for a summer ETHOS international immersion fill out the application on Studio Abroad: International application

Applications are CLOSED for Summer 2023

Application fee: $100 (subject to change)

ETHOS International semester immersions, offered during the summer semester, are transformational experiences that allow students to see the world in a new light. Students from all majors can participate in a technical immersion in a developing country. Travel groups typically consist of 2-3 students who work on appropriate regional projects. 


  • Dates: Summer semester
  • Location: With one of our partners in Central America, South America, India or Africa
  • Environment: This depends on project and location. In the past, students were placed in cities and very rural environments (no running water, no electricity from grid).
  • Housing: In most of our locations, students live with a host family. Otherwise, accommodations are made for housing in or near the area of work. 
  • Project: Projects are subject to the need of the location. Projects have included helping to build sustainable farms, clean water systems, road and building infrastructure, construction of solar refrigerators to preserve vaccines, solar powered ovens, design assistance for human waste treatment processes, and solar powered aquaponics systems.
  • Eligibility: Students from all majors are eligible to participate. However, students must at least be in their sophomore year to be accepted. We recommend that interested first-year students participate in an international breakout or a Dayton or Domestic immersion prior to applying for a semester-long international immersion.  
  • Cost: $1,100 fundraised by student (subject to change). The ETHOS Center covers other expenses (housing, food, transportation) through a stipend. For non-engineering students, costs may vary. 
  • Other information: Students are required to take EGR 330 or EGR 430 the semester prior to their trip to prepare culturally, technically and personally. ETHOS and in-country hosts provide the projects.  

 Questions? Email: 


The Ethos Center, Kelly Bohrer, Executive Director

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0212