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The Ethos Center

Join us! The experience can be life-changing!

While the concept of using basic engineering skills to help others is simple, the results are powerful. Most students enter the program with a desire to help others and see a different part of the world yet they return with a new understanding of the resilience, creativity and dignity of the people they meet and a new appreciation for the daily challenges they face. They also understand the moral and ethical decisions surrounding engineering in ways that are hard to teach in a classroom. Ethos exemplifies the best of our Catholic, Marianist tradition and our emphasis on experiential learning. 

Throughout the academic year, The Ethos Center, located in the School of Engineering, offers a variety of opportunities for students.

Ethos Student International Immersion

You'll go on an Ethos immersion expecting to be changed, but it won't happen in the way that you expect. The best way to describe it, is that it changes your perspective. Solidarity is a good word, but eventually you feel something more significant than that... you feel like a neighbor.

Matthew W., former Ethos international immersion student to India


  • Shorter in length and can range from a weekend to 10 days
  • Domestic and international breakouts are offered
  • Provide students a taste of what the immersions have to offer and are open to all students


  • Semester-long or summer and lasting up to 10 weeks
  • Local, domestic and international immersions are offered
  • Place-based and culturally immersive focusing on various technologies for social impact and justice, access to human rights and advancement of design for the common good

The Ethos Center

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0212