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ETHOS Opportunities

Domestic and International Community Engaged Learning

Because of global COVID-19 pandemic, all ETHOS on-site international programs, both immersions and breakouts, are on hold for the time being. We will be offering on-site and remote ETHOS Dayton/Domestic immersions during the 2020-2021 academic year. We are also offering remote immersion opportunities with international partners in 2021. If you are interested in learning more an ETHOS immersion, please email

Throughout the academic year, The ETHOS Center, located in the School of Engineering at the University of Dayton, offers a variety of opportunities for students. They include domestic and international breakouts, and semester-long local, domestic, and international immersions.

The ETHOS semester-long international and domestic immersions are internships centered on appropriate technology projects (sophomore and older). The ETHOS international and domestic breakouts give the student a taste of what the immersions have to offer and are open to all students. The ETHOS Center is currently offering the following immersion opportunities for spring and summer 2021:

  • Onsite Domestic Immersions
  • Onsite Dayton Immersions
  • Remote Immersions with International Partners (students live on campus and work on projects remotely for any one of our international partner organizations)
  • Remote Immersions with Dayton or Domestic partners from home or campus

Traditional breakout programs are on hold for the time being but stay tuned for other opportunities to connect. 

ETHOS Domestic Immersions

ETHOS immersions within the United States provide opportunities for engineering students to use their skills to improve lives and to make our environment more sustainable. Projects range from alternative building techniques to environmental sustainability.

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ETHOS Dayton Immersions

ETHOS local immersions promote growth through experiential learning, the creation of intentional community and the support of local agencies.

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ETHOS International Immersions

A transformational experience that allows students to see the world in a new light. Students have the ability to participate in a technical immersion in a developing country. Travel groups typically consist of 2-3 students who work on appropriate projects for the region. 

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ETHOS for Education Majors

Not an engineering student? ETHOS has opportunities for education majors as well as middle and high school STEM teachers throughout Greater Dayton. Join the year-long National Science Foundation sponsored Research Experience for Teachers Program and work with one of our global ETHOS partners while developing innovative STEM curriculum. 

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ETHOS Graduate Immersions

Leverage your advanced engineering skills to support The ETHOS Center partner organizations. Graduate immersions are available with partners in the U.S. and abroad. Align your graduate coursework and research with projects that serve the common good. Help create technologies that work to meet basic human needs.

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ETHOS International Breakouts

Spanning up to two weeks, ETHOS International Breakouts are a great opportunity for students to use their engineering skills with hands-on projects and gain a taste of the ETHOS International Immersions.

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ETHOS Domestic Breakouts

Spanning up to two weeks, ETHOS Domestic Breakouts are a great opportunity for students to use their engineering skills with hands-on projects and gain a taste of the ETHOS Domestic Immersions. 

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ETHOS-SonLight Power Graduate Service Program

The ETHOS Center is partnering with SonLight Power, where you can volunteer your time, energy and skills to support the work of SonLight Power, an organization that installs PV systems in the U.S. and beyond.

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ETHOS Club is dedicated to the personal and professional development of young engineers through the application of appropriate technology in service of the Dayton community.

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