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The Ethos Center


Throughout the academic year, The ETHOS Center, located in the School of Engineering at the University of Dayton, offers a variety of opportunities for students. They include domestic and international breakouts, and semester-long local, domestic, and international immersions.

The ETHOS semester-long international and domestic immersions are internships centered on appropriate technology projects. The ETHOS international and domestic breakouts give the student a taste of what the immersions have to offer and are open to all students. The ETHOS Center is currently offering the following immersion opportunities for spring and summer 2022:

  • Domestic Immersions: applications are now being accepted for Spring 2022 domestic immersions. Interviews beginning in October. 
  • Dayton Immersions: applications are now being accepted for Spring 2022 Dayton immersions. Interviews begin in October. 
  • International Immersions: applications are now being accepted for Summer 2022 international immersions. Application deadline October 1st.


Eleven students from all engineering disciplines are participating in an ETHOS Breakout to Guatemala May 2022. One of their projects is to install solar power in the homes of two families near Lake Atitlán.

In certain parts of Guatemala, select homes with the financial means are able to connect to the grid. They will then split it off to their neighbors and charge a monthly premium. These solar systems are providing power for less than half their current cost, allowing for the families to have more financial stability.


The Ethos Center, Kelly Bohrer, Executive Director

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