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Midwest Summer Institute

Topics for Inaugural Midwest Summer Institute Include

  • Introduction to Community-Based Global Learning, including a discussion of Fair Trade Learning
  • Sustainable Development Goals and how they can frame our work
  • A Human Rights Framework for global community engaged learning
  • Global learning to develop an engaged mindset of curiosity, connections and creating societal value

Questions We Will Consider Include

  1. Would a charity or project approach / intervention undermine the possibility of rights realization?
  2. Have we interrogated our role in supporting global community development, and who is developing and why?  What are alternatives?
  3. Do we engage students in perspective taking, critical structural analysis and constant curiosity about our changing world?
  4. What connections can we integrate between what we know, what others know, new insights and historical contexts?
  5. What do we mean by “global?”
  6. How do we build networks and resources to inform, understand, advance, explore and remain critically reflective about improving partnerships and practices of community-engaged global learning?
  7. Have we (and how do we) examine the power, privilege and positionality issues embedded in the practices?  Then what?
  8. What are our responsibilities to international partners even when our students, faculty and staff cannot travel to that location anymore?
  9. What guides us and informs us in working with community to identify unexpected opportunities to create societal value?

On the Second Day

Small groups will visit some of UD’s community partners to focus on themes of Food Justice, Housing, Refugees / Immigration, and Global Community Development.  We will include ample time for discussion, reflection, and planning next steps for our work and our field.


Midwest Summer Institute, Kelly Bohrer, Director of Community Relations

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0212
(937) 229-3698
Midwest Summer Institute