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Midwest Summer Institute

Community Partnership for Global Learning and Human Rights

The Midwest Summer Institute will be held on UD’s campus at Emerson’s Helix Innovation Center. Collaborating with globalsl (, a multi-institutional hub supporting ethical global learning and community campus partnerships, approximately 50 people will gather as members of a learning community dedicated to continuously improving community and student outcomes through community-campus partnerships for ethical global learning — domestically and internationally.

For two and a half days, participants will think and dialogue deeply with academic and practitioner leaders and community partners, and they will consider innovative approaches for advancing ethical community-engaged global learning.

Pedagogy, Style and Intent

This Institute mirrors the pedagogy, style and intent of past summer institutes in that it will

  • be collaborative, open and participatory;
  • feature small group dialogue, exploration and exchange;
  • include no more than 50 participants;
  • offer clear tools and strategies for engaged global learning pedagogies;
  • consider models of ethical community-campus partnerships;
  • include space for robust critique, questioning and new collaborations.
Our Partners
  1. University of Dayton
  3. SOCHE
  4. Campus Compact/Ohio
  5. Emerson

Registration for this event is closed and will reopen next spring.


Midwest Summer Institute, Kelly Bohrer, Director of Community Relations

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0212
(937) 229-3698
Midwest Summer Institute