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LLS Grant Rules & Regulations

LLS Grant Rules and Regulations

NOTE: When additional funding is given to a student organization, funding does not mean co-sponsorship. Thus, the student organization assumes risk and responsibility for liabilities and insurance.

The following are stipulations for requesting LLS grant funding:

  • The student(s) agree to submit by the end of the semester (for a funded one-time project) or by the end of the academic year (for an on-going project) an expense report, evidence for integrating reflection and a final presentation.  
  • No money will be distributed for the project without pre-approval.
  • Any request for travel funding must comply with University of Dayton travel policies and practices.

The following criteria shall be considered during funding determination:

  • Demonstrating a good “fit” with the grants purpose.
  • Thoroughness of your responses on the application.
  • If given mini-grant in the past, the club has completed all necessary parts (expense report, reflection, final presentation).
  • Previous use of LLS grant funds (fiscally responsible).
  • Meeting all of the eligibility requirements and stipulations listed.
  • Efforts by the student(s) to generate their own funds and/or to obtain funds from other entities (academic departments, local chapters, etc.)
  • How well the requested funds will advance the mission of the club and of the University of Dayton and will connect experience with learning.
  • Application received by the deadline.

The following expenses are NOT eligible for LLS grant funding:

  • Projects/activities that discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, ability, and/or sexual orientation.
  • Projects/Activities supporting one particular political party.
  • Student club meetings and club social activities.
  • Salaries or wages, scholarships or cash awards, philanthropic donations, gifts, communication services.
  • Projects/Activities that pose a substantial risk of death or serious injury.
  • Any item deemed excessive, not fully justified, and/or in conflict with the mission and traditions of University of Dayton or the goals of the club.
  • Capital goods.
  • T-shirts or other consumer items to be re-sold.
  • Funds to cover fundraising expenses. 
  • Programs/events/speakers that have been funded in the past and have not been improved upon.

The following criteria shall be considered if the funding is requested for traveling to a conference and/or competition:

  • The student(s) demonstrate(s) a clear need for funds.
  • The conference will provide information that will benefit the students and the University of Dayton.
  •  The student provides a final presentation on some aspect of what was gained from attending the conference.

The ETHOS Center, Kelly Bohrer, Acting Director

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0212

LLS Grant Application

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LLS Grant Application