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The Ethos Center

Learn, Lead and Serve Grant Program

The School of Engineering Learn, Lead and Serve (LLS) fund provides grants to undergraduate and graduate students who undertake individual or team service-learning projects and other co-curricular activities focused on student learning and leadership. The fund was developed through the enthusiastic support of all departments in the School of Engineering as well as the support of generous donors among alumni of the School of Engineering. 


The LLS application form will prompt you for information about your project. It will also ask you to submit letters of support and budget information. 

  • Application Deadline November 1st for distributing funds during spring semester.
  • Application Deadline March 14th for distributing funds during summer semester.
  • Application Deadline August 1st for distributing funds during fall semester.

Applications are accepted each semester for evaluation and selection by the LLS review committee. Successful applicants will be required to show how their proposal will be a true learning, leadership or service experience by indicating not only what they will do but also the engineering and professional outcomes that are gained and the anticipated impact of the project.

Faculty members in the School of Engineering may suggest participation in the grant program to their students to encourage a relationship between the content of their classes and the community engagement of student engineers. A faculty member or adviser must sign all applications.


The purpose of the fund is to promote student engagement with the broader Dayton community through domestic service-learning projects and related research, which foster long-term partnerships with community organizations. Additionally, the LLS program supports students or student organizations affiliated with the School of Engineering to develop experiential, co-curricular projects that promote learning outside the traditional classroom and/or build effective leadership within these organizations. Individual grants are awarded in the range of $1,000 to $2,000 with higher amounts for team/student club projects. Grants will cover travel, project supplies, communication and other costs associated with the proposed project. 


During or after completion of the project, participants are required to complete a report, to write a personal reflection or include reflection as an active component of a group project, and to make a presentation to an engineering class or other group. Participation in the annual Stander Symposium is also expected. 


The Ethos Center, Kelly Bohrer, Executive Director

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0212

LLS Grant Application

Apply here for the LLS Grant

LLS Grant Application