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As an ETHOS alumni, you are aware of the personal and professional growth that participating in an ETHOS immersion provides. There are several ways you can be involved in the ETHOS Center:

  • Mentor a student. As we move forward, our students may continue to work remotely with partners. If you have experience working with that partner or live in the same city or region as the student, it might be a good opportunity for you to share your expertise with them.
  • Consider joining a panel to speak with our students about how ETHOS has impacted your career and how students can continue to engage in engineering for the common good in their careers after college. 

To discuss any of these opportunities further, please contact us at

ETHOS Alumni Breakouts

The ETHOS Center has been working to connect with alumni through different international service opportunities. Since launching the initiative in August of 2017, School of Engineering alumni, mainly alumni of ETHOS Center international immersions, have successfully completed two breakout trips — one to Antigua, Guatemala, and another to Quito, Ecuador.

In January 2018, a group of 15 participated in the first ETHOS Alumni breakout to Antigua, Guatemala. The group connected with Commission to Every Nation, an existing ETHOS partner, to work on the design and construction of an aquaponics system for use in a nearby, rural community. The Aquaponics system simultaneously raises fish while growing and maintaining crops. These systems are useful in agricultural communities and provide a sustainable method for raising crops. While in Guatemala, the group also improved an existing activated carbon water filtration system used in the greater Antigua area.

In August 2018, a group of 8 participated in the second ETHOS Alumni breakout to Quito, Ecuador. The ETHOS Center connected the group to Fundacion Ingenieros en Accion (FIEA), a beneficiary of the American run organization Engineers in Action (EIA). The intent of this partnership is to work over time to develop and implement projects within the same community and create lasting relationships between alumni and community members. During this first trip, participants spent the majority of their time collecting information about the existing water collection, treatment and distribution system that provides water to 55 homes within Ambuela, Ecuador (about 2 hours outside Quito). The group conducted home surveys and examined the system in order to make recommendations for system improvements.

This travel group is finalizing their recommendations report and developing next steps for project implementation — the first of which is likely improving current water treatment mechanisms to be able to provide clean water to the community at their source. Because the water in the community is not drinkable, they have to purchase water from Quito at this time. In the meantime, the ETHOS Center is looking to engage alumni in the project development process as well as fundraising efforts for project implementation. If you are interested in being a part of the ETHOS Alumni team, please reach out to the ETHOS Center at


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