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Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program

In many ways, MEP was ahead of its time in recognizing the valuable contributions made by embracing diversity among our engineering students.

School of Engineering, University of Dayton

About our Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program

  • Celebrate!
  • Overview
  • 20th Anniversary Video Courtesy of MEP Student, Christian Cubacub, Sophomore, Computer Engineering

    Building Community and Promoting Research and Career Exploration

    Speakers at the 20th Anniversary Celebration
    Eric F. Spina
    University of Dayton


    Gabriela Quiroz
    University of Dayton

    Junior, mechanical engineering

    Lawrence A. Burnley
    University of Dayton

    Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion

    Eddy M. Rojas
    University of Dayton

    School of Engineering

    Kevin L. Richardson '08
    University of Dayton, MEP Alumni, Engineering Technology
    Project Manager, BDR Partners
    Gerica R. Brown '08
    University of Dayton

    Director, Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program

    MEP Gala Student Speakers & Performers

    MEP Student Speakers
    • ​Jeremy Hill, junior, computer engineering
    • Andrew Montour, sophomore, chemical engineering
    • Kirsten Simpson, junior, industrial engineering technology
    MEP Student Performers
    • Gabriel Gaiusbayode, first-year, mechanical engineering
    • Alexandria Bennett, first-year, discover engineering
    • Psalm Geno, first-year, mechanical engineering

    Gerica Brown, Director, Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program

    Kettering Laboratories
    300 College Park
    Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0255