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High School Programs

Minority Engineering Program and Women Engineering Program Overnight Events
Engineers make a difference! The University of Dayton School of Engineering Minority Engineering Program and Women Engineering Program students host overnight events for multi-ethnic and female high school juniors and seniors on campus during the fall.
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Multi-Ethnic Men in Engineering Camp

Multi-ethnic high school men who will be juniors and seniors in the fall are invited to a 4-day/3-night camp during the summer to live on campus, conduct experiments, network with professional engineers, and visit engineering and science laboratories at the University of Dayton.

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Women Engineering Overnight for Female Seniors Admitted to UD

During this eventyour hosts will be engineering students from the University of Dayton School of Engineering Women in Engineering Program (WEP). Join us and learn more about the University student experience.

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Women in Engineering Camp

This summer engineering experience for high school women facilitates engineering possibilities through hands-on, learn-by-doing activities. Guided by University professors, you'll conduct experiments and creatively make cool stuff in classrooms and laboratories. Do you have questions about engineering or college in general? While enjoying plenty of fun, you can also chat one-on-one with female engineering students who serve as camp counselors. 

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Diversity in Engineering Center, Shawnee Breitenstein, Director

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