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Diversity in Engineering Center

Meet Our Ambassadors

Our Engineering Ambassadors are here to make your visit informational, comfortable and memorable!

Meet our Student Ambassadors

  • Andy, junior, industrial engineering technology, Illinois
  • Cara, senior, mechanical engineering, Ohio
  • Charles, junior, mechanical engineering, Ohio
  • Christina, senior, electrical engineering, Ohio
  • Imani, junior, chemical engineering, Illinois
  • Jackie, junior, chemical engineering, Ohio
  • Jada, senior, industrial engineering technology, Ohio
  • Madison, junior, mechanical engineering, Pennsylvania
  • Maggie, senior, civil engineering, Ohio
  • Nathan, senior, mechanical engineering, Indiana
  • Phillip, senior, mechanical engineering, Ohio
  • Shannon, senior, mechanical engineering, Illinois
  • Stefani, junior, mechanical engineering, Ohio
  • Vivian, senior, mechanical engineering, Illinois
  • Yasmin, senior, industrial engineering technology, Ohio

Shawnee Breitenstein, Director, Future Flyers Program

Kettering Laboratories
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0255