Advancing Engineering Education

Executing and building upon current efforts with the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN), the Center will focus on building relationships with key stakeholders, including national foundations/institutes, private foundations, industry, students and alumni to acquire new technology and accelerate pedagogical improvements in engineering education.


Accelerating the transformation of engineering education.


The Visioneering Center provides faculty with professional development opportunities, access to resources such as the KEEN Network, funding for course development, dissemination of best practices in engineering education, assistance with related grant proposals, and collaboration with external partners.

Key UD Collaborators

The Center is led by Director, Dr. Ken Bloemer, who is assisted by the KEEN Program Coordinator, Heather Juhascik. Dr. Emily Fehrman Cory joined the Center in August of 2017 as the Faculty of Practice in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Visioneering Center, Dr. Ken Bloemer, Director

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