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Faculty & Staff Vision Awards

The School of Engineering (SoE) Vision Awards recognize the innovation, creativity, entrepreneurial thinking and outstanding performance of our faculty and staff for their work as it relates to our School's values of community, innovation, excellence, engagement and service.

Four Vision Awards are presented annually: Community, Innovation, Excellence, and Engagement and Service. The awardees receive a plaque and a monetary award in the amount of $2000.

Nomination Process

  1. SoE faculty and staff can nominate candidates of their choice.
  2. Members of the Academic Leadership Committee are eligible for these awards.
  3. SoE faculty and staff can self-nominate or be nominated by a person within or outside the SoE.
  4. Use online Google form to nominate and upload a one- or two-page narrative and, although not required, one or two letters of support.
  5. Nomination period opens January 15-March 15 annually.

Selection Process

  1. The Selection Committee includes associate deans and previous award winners. 
  2. Faculty and staff can receive a specific award no more than one time in a five-year span and can receive no more than two different awards in a three-year span.
  3. All full- and part-time faculty and staff (including adjuncts) in the SoE are eligible for these awards.
  4. The awards are presented during our fall faculty and staff meeting.
  5. The award recipients are recognized within Kettering Labs for one year by posting their photograph and citation in a common area in Kettering Labs. 

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