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Engineering Impact Report

Manufacturing Day

At the turn of the last century, Dayton had more patents, per capita, than any other U.S. city and was the epicenter of American manufacturing with more than 1,000 factories. One-sixth of the nation's corporate executives has spent a portion of their careers at legendary Dayton-based National Cash Register.

While manufacturing in Dayton has experienced setbacks since its 1960s heyday, it is still a major part of the local economy. Since 2012, MFG DAY, a one-day showcase of the career opportunities in manufacturing, has celebrated the high-skill, high-tech opportunities in modern manufacturing. This nationally recognized event also spreads awareness of manufacturing opportunities within engineering. 

Each year, UD's Department of Engineering Management, Systems & Technology (EMST) partners with the Dayton Regional Manufacturers Association to host their annual manufacturing symposium as part of MFG DAY.

The event provides students with an opportunity to explore careers in manufacturing while connecting classroom learning to professional skill sets.

"More than 60 students along with other faculty and professionals came over for the symposium," said Mark Diller, former professor of practice in EMST. "The speaker lineup is excellent and demonstrates the world-class manufacturing opportunities in the Dayton region."

The University of Dayton is somewhat unique in that it offers both four-year engineering and engineering technology degrees, along with a master's degree in engineering management. 

Students with training in Industry 4.0 are in particularly high demand. Automation, robotics, cybersecurity and the internet of things are front and center at MFG DAY, as students hear from industry experts and mingle with manufacturers to learn what their needs are.

"The Manufacturing Symposium was an excellent opportunity to see current trends in manufacturing and automation," said James Tinch, a senior mechanical engineering technology student.

The event draws manufacturing companies from across Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. 


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