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Faculty Policies and Guidelines and Criteria for the Evaluation and Promotion of Faculty, Faculty of Practice, and Lecturers and Tenure of Faculty

The School of Engineering at the University of Dayton developed a tenure and/or promotion policy that is used to evaluate tenure track faculty for the purpose of tenure and/or promotion and for the purpose of professional growth and achievement. Likewise, the School of Engineering developed a process for the promotion of lecturers and faculty of practice. The processes and criteria outlined in this document were developed to be mission-centered, formative, inclusive, equitable, transparent, consistent and robust.

Promotion and Tenure Document - School of Engineering
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Proposed Tenure and/or Promotion Document.


Appendix A: Career Planning Tool (CPT)

  1. CPT for Administrator
  2. CPT for Faculty of Practice
  3. CPT for Lecturer
  4. CPT for Tenure Track / Tenured Faculty

Appendix B: Forms

  1. Policy Adoption Form
  2. Progress Towards Promotion for Lecturer and Faculty of Practice
  3. Progress Towards Tenure for Tenure Track Faculty
  4. Professional Strategic Plan
  5. Modification to Professional Strategic Plan
  6. Faculty Reflection on Student Evaluations of Teaching
  7. Peer Review of Teaching
  8. Review of Lecturer Summary of Evidence
  9. Review of Faculty of Practice Summary of Evidence
  10. Review of Tenure Track / Tenured Faculty Summary of Evidence
  11. Review of Administrators Summary of Evidence
  12. Request for References
  13. Instructions for External Reviewers
  14. Application for Promotion and Tenure
  15. Promotion Evaluation for Lecturer and Faculty of Practice Procedural Form
  16. Promotion Evaluation for Tenure Track / Tenured Faculty Procedural Form
  17. Sabbatical Plan
  18. Post-Sabbatical Report

Appendix C: Format for Tenure and/or Promotion Portfolio

  1. Promotion Portfolio for Faculty of Practice
  2. Promotion Portfolio for Lecturer
  3. Promotion and Tenure Portfolio for Tenure Track Faculty

Appendix D: Relevant University Documents

  1. DOC 1996-08 Sabbatical Policy
  2. DOC 2002-03 Suspending the "Tenure Clock" for Tenure Track Faculty Members Eligible for Family or Medical Leave Senate Documents 56.
  3. DOC 2006-08 Evaluating Teaching for the Purpose of Tenure
  4. DOC 2006-10 University Promotion and Tenure Policy
  5. DOC 2006-11 Review of Tenured Faculty
  6. DOC 2012-09 Recommendations for Revision to the University of Dayton Faculty Workload Guidelines.
  7. DOC 2016-06 Clinical and Courtesy Appointments" (2016). Senate Documents. 246.
  8. DOC 2017-01 University Promotion Policy for Clinical Faculty/Faculty of Practice (2017). Senate Documents. 252.
  9. DOC 2018-03 University Promotion Policy for Lecturers (2018). Senate Documents. 257.
  10. Faculty Policy & Governance Handbook August 2018
  11. Final Report of the University Promotion and Tenure Policy Task Force, January 11, 2019
  12. Human Resources Website
  13. University Policies Website

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