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Professional Development and Teaching Support

Professional Development

University of Dayton Isidore

Becki Lawhorn, director, Student Success Strategies and Operations, Academic Affairs and Learning Initiatives:

University of Dayton LTC

University of Dayton Vocation

  • Vocation at UD — Vocation is more than an Institutional Learning Goal at UD. Visit Vocation at UD for videos, conversations, workshops, events and educational programs designed to guide you through a process of vocational discernment. 

University of Dayton Zoom

Michael McClure, training specialist, IT Operations & Engagement, UD Information Technologies


  • K. Patricia Cross Academy — A collection of 3 minute videos on teaching topics, including Guided Notes, Quick Write, Translate That, Punctuated Lecture, Dyadic Interviews, Digital Stories, Contemporary Issues Journal, Active Reading Documents, Jigsaw, Fishbowl, Background Knowledge Probe, Think-Pair-Share, and Individual Readiness Assurance Tests. A new video is added every month.

Teaching support

University of Dayton Safety Training


teaching labs:

Inclusive classroom

  • Anti-Racist Pedagogy LibGuide — by Ione Damasco, Jason Wardell and team. A fantastic resource that shares practical strategies for creating space for racial justice in our teaching. This is a "living document," so please share additions with Ione that should be included. 
  • Inclusive Teaching (Equity) Toolkit — An excellent collection of downloadable inclusive teaching and other equity resources organized by the Colorado Department of Education spanning self reflection, course design and creating community.

E-learning — Webinars

  • SOCHE’s Pre-Recorded and Live Webinars — The Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education offers numerous free, pre-recorded webinars that are easy to access. Go to SOCHE Education on Demand and sign in or create a login (it’s quick and easy) and select the webinar of your choice. Just select the “Teaching & Learning,” "Technology & Online Learning,” or the “Teaching Online” tab to see what’s available. Some examples include:
    • Incorporating Active Learning Strategies into Your Online Teaching Environment
    • Increasing Online Student Engagement 
    • Increasing Online Student Engagement & Retention Through Online Human Touch
    • Effective Online Advising: Best Practices
    • Cheating in an Online Environment: How to Prevent, Detect & Deter Dishonesty


  • ASEE’s Resource Central — Free, searchable resources covering many topics including Remote Teaching, Virtual Capstone and Virtual Labs. If you choose to browse rather than search, it’s best to select the appropriate subject tab first.
  • Building and Evaluating Your Online Course — This comprehensive site compiled by Purdue offers best practices from a wide variety of resources including Stanford, ASU, Magna Publications and many more.
  • Preparing for Flexible Course Delivery — A recorded webinar from an expert in the field at Grand Canyon University.
  • Seven Things That Worked in My Online Class — A very brief article that describes and recommends Asynchronous Design, Zoom Office Hours, Slide Narration, Weekly Video Greetings, Resource Variety, Low Stakes Responses, and Rethinking Exams.



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