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Response Guide

Tornado/Severe Weather Response Guide

Tornado warnings come just minutes before the event and time is of the essence.  You will not have time to travel to a safe location.  Don't wait for confirmation.

If Outdoors:
  • Attempt to seek inside shelter if it is nearby.  If not, lie in a low lying ditch, culvert, etc.  Cover your face and head.
If Inside a Building:
  • Proceed to a below-ground level floor if possible, or move to the center portion of the building inside a closet, bathroom, hallway, or under a doorway or other structural support.
  • Stay away from windows, book shelves, and other unsecured objects that might fall on you.
  • Cover yourself with anything available that may provide protection from falling or flying objects.
  • Stay in place until an all clear is sounded or rescuers arrive.
  • After the threat has ended, move to an assembly area or shelter so you can be accounted for as safe.
Other Severe Weather Tips:

Being prepared is the best way to handle severe weather. Hold a meeting with those you live with, discuss the types of weather-related issues you could face, and plan accordingly. Assembling a preparedness kit and practicing your plan will also help you be successful should severe weather occur. Re-evaluating your plan and your kit each semester allows you to be in the best position to deal with any weather emergencies.

Your weather preparedness kit could include things like:

  • A battery operated radio for weather warnings, instructions, and updates.
  • Appropriate clothing for severe temperatures.  Cold weather requires gloves, hats, and multiple layers. Extreme heat requires  thin, absorbent, reflective clothing. Make sure sturdy shoes are in your kit too.
  • A flashlight, bottled water, extra food that does not require refrigeration, spare eyeglasses, and medications.


And remember: During a weather emergency, do not leave shelter unless absolutely necessary.

For more information, please see: Tornado/Severe Weather Information>>



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