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Response Guide

Suspicious Objects Response Guide


  • If you encounter suspicious mail based on threatening statements or suspicious print, immediately place the mail in a larger envelope and call the police.  Do not handle the mail any more than necessary to preserve it for evidentiary purposes.
  • If you encounter suspicious mail based on foreign substances (powders, chemicals, etc.), place the mail into a larger envelope if immediately available, place entire contents into a trash can and evacuate the area.
  • Notify police immediately and seek instructions in the event you have been exposed to any powders or chemicals.  Do not make physical contact with other persons and minimize the areas you might contaminate in the event of exposure.

Packages, Vehicles or Other Suspicious Objects

  • Don't touch the package or vehicle and move a safe distance away from the object.
  • Call UD Police immediately.  Do not use transmitters such as cell phones, radios or other electronic devices in the immediate area of the threat.
  • Keep other people away from the area of the threat.
  • Relay to police officials why you believe the object is suspicious in nature.
  • Follow instructions from police or fire officials when they arrive.

For more information, please see: Suspicious Objects Information>>


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