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Response Guide

Flooding Response Guide

Natural Flooding
  • Natural flooding may take hours or days to accumulate and could take even longer to dissipate.
  • Immediately report flooding in your area to UD Police.
  • Take steps to protect your property.
  • Be prepared to evacuate or move to a higher level in the building.
  • Turn off or unplug electrical devices that may be affected by water.  Store some fresh drinking water early in the process.
Mechanical Flooding
  • Pipes and water storage devices can rupture at any time, but are more likely to do so in freezing weather.
  • Immediately report ruptures or flooding to UD authorities with the location, extent of the leak or rupture, and the cause if you know it. Call (937) 229-2121 or 911 (UD phone).
  • If you are familiar with the water source and are able to stop the water flow from a shut off valve, close the valve and call Public Safety immediately.
  • Take steps to protect property by moving it away from the water source.

For more information, please see: Flooding Information>>


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