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Response Guide

Fire Response Guide

Fire Alarms
  • Consider all fire alarms to be a result of a real fire.
  • Evacuate the building immediately using one of the predetermined evacuation routes.  Do not use elevators.
  • Close the door behind you if you are the last one out.
  • If you see flames or smoke in your path, use the alternate planned route for evacuation.
  • If you must exit through the smoke, get down low on the floor and crawl under the smoke until you are past the threat.
  • Gather outside, away from the building at the predetermined meeting place so everyone can be accounted for.  Remain at the assembly area until released by police or fire officials.
If You See Fire
  • Call UD Police and relay all information about the location and type of fire.
  • If the fire is small and contained you may locate a fire extinguisher and attempt to put the fire out.
  • Do not spend more than one minute attempting to extinguish the fire.  If the fire is not out within one minute, sound the fire alarm and evacuate the building.
  • If the fire is not contained and is larger than a waste can, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EXTINGUISH IT.  Sound the fire alarm and evacuate the building.

For more information, please see: Fire Information>>


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